Former Eagles, 49ers assistant Keanon Lowe tackles armed student in school

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Keanon Lowe was a college football player at Oregon who then had jobs working for coach Chip Kelly as an offensive analyst with the Eagles and 49ers. He now coaches football at Portland’s Parkrose High School, and he may have saved students’ lives on Friday.

Lowe tackled a student who had a gun at the school, subduing him before any shots were fired and holding him until police arrived, and authorities have called him a hero.

“When I signed up to be a Security Guard, Football and Track & Field Coach for Parkrose High School, I did so to guide and coach young people whose shoes I had once been in,” Lowe wrote on Twitter today. “I had no idea, that I would one day have to put my life on the line like I did yesterday for my students. When confronted with the test the universe presented me with, I didn’t see any other choice but to act. Thank God, I passed. I’ve spent the last 24 hours being more appreciative of my family and realizing we have a serious problem. I’m blessed to be alive and extremely happy that the students are safe. I’m not sure what’s next, I haven’t had the time to really think about it. But I am sure I want to be a part of the solution to school gun violence. Thank you Portland Police for your help.”

Lowe has also been successful coaching at Parkrose: The football team went to the state playoffs this past season, Lowe’s first as the coach, after going winless the previous year.

24 responses to “Former Eagles, 49ers assistant Keanon Lowe tackles armed student in school

  1. Security guard, football and track & field coach. And now, lifesaving hero.
    I have a feeling this young man is horribly underpaid.

  2. Well done! We need more people like this. Willing to put his life down n the line to save others

  3. And a huge “Thank you!” to Keanon Lowe! That was a brave act, and the students and parents of his school, as well as the rest of us in the USA are grateful.

  4. He was defensive player of the year in high school so I’m sure he made a lot of tackles but none were as important as this one. That guy’s a hero. Reading his comments gives me hope that there are more decent people out there than it seems.

  5. A shotgun to school? Terrorist. Glad this man saved lives. They are trying to pass a bill to arm teachers in Florida, this man stopped it with his bare hands.

    American hero

  6. A truly heroic act. But if it took this to realize that we have a problem with gun violence in school, you haven’t been paying attention!

  7. I disagree with FlashPatterson. Everyone is changed after an incident like that. In a single moment you react without thinking. Later the realization of what could have happened sinks in and can be life changing. My brother pulled a woman from a car wreck just before it burst into flames. He became a deep thinker after that. He does not like to talk about it. The woman he saved still sends him Christmas cards with family pictures, even though it has been 28 years. While my brother is the same guy, he is also a different guy. s for Keanon Lowe, what ever it takes, what ever you have to say or do to return to normalcy is fine.

  8. I wish when he tackled the kid, the kid would have hit his head on the floor and been put to sleep for a long, long time.
    Hats off to Keanon Lowe!!

  9. Unfortunately American society now needs heroes like him on a regular basis. Fortunately, he was not harmed.

  10. “sooooo can I be taken off the long term sub status and get some Benny’s now”

  11. Love the comments, am floored that people did thumbs down on them. Some pretty crappy people out there to thumbs down positive comments on a dude who likely saved lives.

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