Baker Mayfield: Don’t overlook our running game

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The Browns made one of the biggest moves of the offseason when they traded for wide receiver Odell Beckham and the wideout’s arrival combined with the already high expectations for quarterback Baker Mayfield‘s second season has made the team’s passing game a focus of attention in recent months.

Mayfield wasn’t the only rookie to make an impact on the offense last season, however. Running back Nick Chubb ran for 996 yards while gaining over five yards a carry and the Browns’ strong second half coincided with his rise to the top of the depth chart.

The Beckham trade may have taken the spotlight off that work, but Mayfield offered a reminder of how important it is last week.

“We still need to be able to run it in our division,” Mayfield said, via the Canton Repository. “Mentality wise, it is a tough division. We have people talking about our receivers and tight ends, but we have to be able to run the ball in short yardage and in cold weather. I’m hoping everybody not talking about the running backs kind of [ticks] them off.”

When people have talked about the running backs in Cleveland, the discussion tends to be on Kareem Hunt‘s suspension or Duke Johnson‘s desire for a trade. Whether or not those guys are in the lineup, Chubb will be a vital part of the plan in Cleveland this year.

11 responses to “Baker Mayfield: Don’t overlook our running game

  1. You didn’t need Hunt. Chubb is. Beast and after last season def shows that he can handle the full time duty. Should be interesting too see how the browns handle all these guys their is only 1 football. And it’s been a while since they had these huge expectations. I will say their team is stacked tho and now baker has a tremendous amount of pressure on his hands

  2. Once you get that pillar of society Kareem Hunt back it’ll be way better. And all it cost was your soul.

  3. Mentality wise, it is not a tough division – the Cleveland Windbags, Pittsburgh Implosions, Baltimore Whiners and Cincinnati Basements. Full of divas, lead by flailing head coaches. Tom Brady has a 4-1 win ratio (81-21) against AFCE teams but a 5-1 ratio v AFCN (25-6).

  4. Baker is a fiery guy and he’s used that to his advantage, but too often he crosses the line into arrogance. Confidence is great, but the Browns have been historically bad for nearly 20 years and they accomplished basically nothing last year aside from becoming an average NFL team. If you look at their wins, it was among some of the worst competition in the NFL: two rebuilding teams in the Jets and Broncos, a very injury depleted Bengals team twice, and a few solid wins vs. Falcons, Ravens and Panthers.

    Their roster is stacked, but I’d wait to start crowing until they’ve done something. NFL teams have tape on Baker now, let’s see how these divas all play together once they face adversity (they had almost no injuries last year) and don’t meet expectations. AFC North will be very competitive this year (I think all four teams have a nearly equal shot — just watch), but I don’t think any one of them is a real contender.

  5. Once Hunt gets going Chubb will be trade bait. For those thinking you didnt need Hunt because you have Chubb, these two aren’t even close to the same caliber of player. Kareem Hunt is a top 3 RB in the league. Hes a three down back and will be the guy as soon as his suspension is over and is back in game shape.

  6. Chubb is a great player, and I loved him coming out of the draft. But Kareem Hunt is on another level of RB. Easily a top 3 back in the league, and going to get even better. Don’t just thumbs down. Explain why you disagree, so I can laugh at you after the season ends.

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