Bengals rookie Rodney Anderson expects to be ready for camp

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Bengals rookie running back Rodney Anderson suffered a season-ending knee injury in the second game of the season at Oklahoma last year, but he thinks he’ll be ready to go when training camp starts.

Anderson stood on the sideline during the Bengals’ rookie minicamp but said he was getting mental reps in as he prepares for a return to the field in training camp.

“I’m just doing a lot of rehab right now and trying to finish that up. I fully expect myself to be ready for training camp when we come back in July,” Anderson said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Anderson had just one full season as a starter at Oklahoma, but that was an impressive one, with 188 carries for 1,161 yards in 2017. In 2015 he touched the ball only once before suffering a season-ending ankle injury, and in 2016 he didn’t play at all because of a neck injury. One healthy season out of four at Oklahoma isn’t a great track record, but if he really is back to 100 percent healthy in time for training camp, the Bengals may have landed a sixth-round pick who is much more than a sixth-round talent.

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  1. It was a great low risk/high reward pick. I think the health risk is why they took Traveon Williams instead of him with their 1st 6th round pick but when he was still there when they had their 3rd 6th round pick it was worth taking the chance. If healthy he is a perfect backup for Mixon and not too many teams have 4 RB`s that can catch the ball like Mixon,Bernard,Anderson & Williams can. I think you`ll see a lot of 2 RB sets with 1 splitting out wide because them on a LB or safety against a base defense will often be a better match up than the 3rd WR against the nickle packages.

  2. I think all of the nay sayers will get a surprise this year from Cincy.
    The players are excited about the new coaches and their systems. That
    alone is worth a few wins in my opinion.

  3. I love the idea of the Bengals flying under the radar. It’s what they need while reorganizing. With all the past off field issues, just not used to it. I can tell the new leadership won’t have it. Win or lose, will make for an interesting season.

  4. The 2018 Bengals were 4-1 (with wins over playoff teams in the Colts and Ravens) and basically one play away from being 5-1 (sketchy screen play against Pitt) before they got destroyed by injuries. Yet, I am seeing over/unders at 5 wins for 2019. Am I missing something?

    This team is loaded with weapons (AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, Joe Mixon, Gio Bernard, Tyler Eifert, John Ross — plus the new additions) and should have a much-improved OL with Jonah Williams and hopefully a healthy Billy Price and Cordy Glenn (not to mention a new regime that will bench terrible players like Bobby Hart and Alex Redmond). Teryl Austin was atrocious as the DC so the defense can hardly be worse (it was also hit with the injury bug, guys like Lawson, Preston Brown, Glasgow, etc).

    I do not believe the Bengal are Super Bowl contenders this year, but playoffs are certainly possible. This is far from a bad team on paper. If Zach Taylor is the real deal, this team could really surprise.

  5. Definitely a low risk/high reward move. If this quality young man plays up to his potential the Bengals will look very smart.

  6. Rodney Anderson is “One of the Best” Football Players in the Houston area. We are “Very Upset” that the Houston Texans passed on Rodney after bring him in for an interview. – The Texans continue to Pass on Houston Players while drafting “Weak” players every time. – Texans will Never Win a Super Bowl at this Rate! – Get us some Texas Coaches!

  7. I loved the Anderson pick and I think a lot of teams may regret passing on him so many times. Other than the knee his injuries were accident type issues and not a sign of future problems.

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