Charley Casserly not a supporter of Peyton Manning to the Jets

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The bizarre bashing of Kyler Murray‘s lack of preparation for Combine interviews, coupled with the eventual revelation that former NFL G.M. Charley Casserly gets paid to prepare players for Combine interviews, has placed Casserly generally on the unofficial PFT pay-no-mind list. But he recently said some things about the Jets G.M. job that merit presentation and discussion, because Casserly served as a consultant in 2015, when the Jets hired Casserly friend/protégé Mike Maccagnan.

In an interview with Matt Stypulkoski of, Casserly tried his best to talk up the work of the guy Casserly was paid to recommend to ownership, pointing out how bad the roster was in 2015 and how much better it is now. (It’s abundantly clear that Casserly isn’t a Geno Smith guy — apparently, like Murray, Smith also isn’t a former Casserly client.)

If Casserly is hired again by the Jets to consult in the G.M. search (i.e., pick the next G.M. from his roster of friends and former colleagues), Casserly apparently won’t be recommending Peyton Manning.

In response to the inquiry of what he thinks of the idea of Manning as G.M. of the Jets, Casserly said, “My feeling is there’s plenty of qualified candidates out there that are working with clubs.”

“And he would not be one of them?” Casserly was asked.

“That’s my quote,” Casserly replied.

Casserly overlooks the reality that this isn’t a hire that can be made in a vacuum. A clean-slate G.M. would arrive with a list in his front pocket of the names of coaches he’d like to hire, when the first opportunity to hire a coach arises. And that would lead to even more dysfunction as G.M. and coach struggle for power.

On the other hand, a hand-picked Gase G.M. could be excessively beholden to the coach, deferring to him on matters of personnel even if the G.M. arrives with contractual final say.

Manning could be the perfect compromise, a friend of Gase’s who has worked well with him in the past and, presumably, would work well with him in the future. Gase has displayed during his short time as a coach a degree of intensity and irritation that not everyone can handle. Manning can handle it, because Manning is likely one of the few who could channel Gase’s burning desire to win in the right direction.

Also, let’s not overlook the basic reality that people tend to have different approaches when interacting with others. And Gase presumably exhibits to Manning a degree of deference that Gase may not grant to many others.

That makes it an ideal arrangement, if the Jets can pull it off. So take the advice from this unpaid consultant (the Jets are getting their money’s worth), spend the money to get Peyton Manning, if he’s truly ready to make the plunge back into football.

39 responses to “Charley Casserly not a supporter of Peyton Manning to the Jets

  1. So this really is Maccagnan’s buddies in the media blowing this situation out of proportion.

    Casserly doesn’t even give a reason here. I would hire Peyton Manning if you can build a strong front office around him early on. People will want to work with Peyton so I don’t think that would be too hard.

  2. If Charley Casserly thinks Peyton Manning to the Jets in an executive position is not a good idea, then maybe Manning to the Jets is not a bad idea after all.

  3. Most GMs fail because they have never managed anything but there own desk. They get overwhelmed by having to manage other departments and staff with no experience or people skills….

  4. I think Charley Casserly is right again. There are better candidates for a typical GM job, where the GM has to answer to an owner. Peyton Manning should only go to the Jets if he bought the team, or if he acquired a percentage of the team and became Managing General Partner (Al Davis’ old title with the Raiders). I also believe the Jets are in a great position with a good roster that has an elite franchise QB and some other elite cornerstone defensive guys that are still very early into the rookie contracts, which makes for a dream job for the next GM. Similar to the Rams when Goff had just completed his rookie year. The Rams were the first team in history to go from the lowest to the highest scoring team in just one season. The Jets have the players on their roster. Can Adam Gase be the next Sean McVay? That’s my question.

  5. Where, how, why and on what planet have people concluded that Peyton Manning would be good at a job that he has never done before? And while we’re at it, what about Joe Montana? Shouldn’t he also be on the Jets’ short list?

  6. I keep laughing at the suggestion Manning would be interested in a job like this. He’s made over 1/4 of a billion dollars.

    Why would he possibly want the grind of being an NFL GM? Partial ownership of some team maybe, that I could see. But work his rear end off to make a relative pittance compared to the wealth he already has? He’d be nuts to take a GM position.

  7. While he’s probably right that Peyton may not be ready for the time commitment and the hours of the everyday stuff, but this guy is a fool and I wouldn’t take anything he says publicly seriously. He’s ALL about his clients and promoting them for money. He hired/recommended Maccagnan and you saw how that worked out. Why would you go back to the well and expect a different result? It’s always like that’s insane….

  8. It’s not going to happen. This is the only place I seen that “rumor “ of Manning to the Jets

  9. Playing devils advocate only because I think Peyton is not interested in the Jets job but guys Like Peyton, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, John Elway to name a few played the game at a high high level and after a while they get that itch for the next challenge so it’s not far fetch that he gets back in the game as a GM if the deal is appealing. Might even get to draft his nephew which is getting reviews as a highly mobile versus of him at QB in 2026 lol.

  10. Just hire joe Douglas and Daniel Jeremiah. Eagles fans don’t wanna loose Douglas everyone I know at least. Him and Gase have worked together and are close I am assuming this is a done deal based on 2 reports I’ve seen they just need too do that stupid Rooney rule which is a joke b4 they can make it official. Do this right jets don’t screw anything else up all this negative talk will go right away once we get this guy in the building. And stay out of the way Chris just write the checks

  11. Peyton has the right kind of mind for it but I doubt he has the motivation to grind it out every day; and there is a long history of former successful players not performing as GMs. I’d like to see Peyton take an analyst or scouting job first before committing to him as GM.

  12. In defense of Manning, with any job, there is a “first time” at some point for everyone.

  13. When did people start thinking Manning was smart? Coming out of college he was widely viewed as a bumpkin. The man could read a defense and adjust at the line to the best advantage but that does not mean he has the slightest idea about scouting players, generating contracts or even general leadership. Neither does reading a script for a commercial. I am not taking away from his greatness as a QB. I am simply saying people might want to tap the brakes on his GM prowess. How many backups under Manning ever looked as if they had any idea how to run the offense? I can’t think of any over his storied career. I think Manning has a highly specific skill set that might not transfer well to the complicated job of GM. Way back when there was an article (SI maybe?) that detailed some mundane tasks that he seemed to struggle with. I just came away from that article that Peyton was simply not too bright. Maybe that changed through experience but it would give me pause when deciding to hire him as a GM.

  14. concretechuckles says:
    May 19, 2019 at 2:00 pm
    The Jets should hire one of their great alumni for the GM job.

    What’s Mark Gastineau doing these days

    Mark just finished his last chemo treatment for colan cancer. We should all be wishing him well.

  15. I highly doubt that Manning would take the job and be expected to cowtow to Gase.

    Everybody and their mother knows who would have the football gravitas in that relationship.

    Gase probably does want Manning as that would mean he would automatically lose power the minute pen went to paper.

  16. Charlie Casserly, desperately wanted to draft Reggie Bush with the Texans #1 overall pick however was overruled by the then new staff and he was fired shortly after. The Texans took Mario Williams instead. The funny thing is Casserly to this day still takes credit for that pick. So take anything he says with a grain of salt.

  17. The same Casserly that panned the Belichick to the Pats signing? In that case go ahead Manning become a GM because that fool knows nothing

  18. I’m a huge fan of Peyton Manning. He was the best quarterback of his generation, with only one rival, Aaron Rodgers, who became a starter in Manning’s 11th season. He can pitch a product with the best in the business. I believe he could become an excellent GM, but only if he paid his dues by working his way up. Re Geno Smith, I suspect that Charley Casserly doesn’t like him for the same reason as anyone with eyes – the guy is not very good.

  19. Charlie Casserly is also not a supporter of moving away from rotary telephones, or laws demanding all cars have seatbelts.

  20. Casserly was the one who lead the search for the GM last time, and ended up with Mike Maccagnan.
    He’s proven he’s no good, why listen to him any more?

  21. Manning and the jets are perfect for each other they’re both under achievers

  22. It’s almost like when someone recommended Casserly for TV when he has a face for radio and he’s never been right about anything.

  23. Charley Casserly selected Todd Bowles and Mike McCagnan so… (that noise you make when you stick your tongue between your lips and blow)

  24. The Jets have only 1 FOOTBALL guy left in the organization – Adam Gase? There was no #2 to Maccagnan to be interim GM?
    Gase is not really a successful guy. His last 4 years (3 as HC , 1 as OC) his offenses were average or below based on PPG (Point per game). the Jets averaged better than Gase’s teams in 3 of the last 4 years.
    I’d bring Mike Shanahan in as Director of Football Operations and let him rebuild the front office. He has a year to decide on Gase… If he wants to coach too that’s fine.
    You need more than 2 “football” guys to run an NFL organization. Jets always cutting corners.
    Casserly led the search to hire Maccagnan. I’m not sure how open that search really was because he wound up hiring the guy that worked for him with the Redskins. Maccagnan was the only candidate to get a 2nd interview.
    Peyton Manning has no ties to the Jets or even NY (Eli on the Giants is meaningless). There are qualified NFL GMs who are not working. There are qualified assistant GMs that might want the promotion.
    I would go with Phil Simms or Boomer Esiason as an alterntive to Shanahan and let them hire the front office guys. They are on top of the game and know who’s who…

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