Darrell Henderson: Rams system “perfect fit” for me

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Rams General Manager Les Snead said that rookie running back Darrell Hendersongives us a Kamara element” after he was drafted in the third round last month.

The appeal of matching an Alvin Kamara element with a healthy and productive Todd Gurley is easy to understand and it’s a fit that Henderson says was an obvious one to him heading into the draft.

“If you go back and watch my college film and you watch the Rams film, it’s the same,” Henderson said, via the Los Angeles Times. “I thought that was the best system I could get in. So everything worked out great. When I was talking to them, everything was clicking and we developed a relationship. The coaches told me they knew they were going to get me so it was the perfect fit.”

Henderson averaged 8.9 yards per carry and had 2,204 yards from scrimmage at Memphis last season. Equaling those numbers will likely be a bridge too far, but it sounds like he’ll get his fair share of chances if the fit continues to be a good one on both sides.

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  1. The appeal of matching an Alvin Kamara element with a healthy and productive Todd Gurley
    No idea what to think of Gurley these days. Everyone keeps saying he’s healthy when that clearly was not the case at the end of last year.

  2. Henderson is a master of outside zone runs, averaged almost 11 yards a carry on them, and guess who runs more outside zone than anyone in the league? The Rams, of course. Coupled with Gurley’s knee issues, and this really is a perfect fit on paper.

  3. Gurley knee is what it is and it has to be spelled during an NFL season. If this kid is the goods we will get plenty of opportunities early.

  4. Well, the Rams DO have perhaps the strongest roster in the league, and they DO have the best young coach in the league, so, I’m kinda liking their chances this year.

    Especially in the NFC West. Seattle has a great D and QB, Niners have a great D-line, and Arizona has an infusion of young talent. But the Rams have solid units everywhere. Everywhere. I mean, everywhere.

  5. I thought this kid was the best RB in the draft. ANY scheme fits him. Todd Gurleys days are numbered. He is going to steal touches reguardless.

  6. We have all NFL fans for a while or else we wouldnt comment on these articles once in a while. Two weeks ago there was almost the same talk that Tony Pollard who was on Hendersons team was the next Alvin Kamara. Come on. Neither will be. Neither one of them has the same body build. Henderson is big and fast and Pollard is lighter and more elusive. I’m sick of the comparisons. I can think of 100 successful RBS in the history of the nfl that always get compared to younger players but they all end up being their own style. Henderson and Pollard both have their own style. Good luck to both of them. They both are awesome.

  7. campcouch says:
    May 19, 2019 at 10:32 pm
    I await the day when someone is drafted or signed by a team and they declare that it is NOT the perfect fit for them.

    . . . .eli

  8. Imitation not example, rarely goes well. Rams roster got worse this offseason while everyone else got better. And the Pats laid out a blueprint for destroying McVey. I’m not bullish on the Rams repeating a Super Bowl run.

  9. Rams will go the way of the Panthers. With Gurley gone, the focus will be Goff. It’s over.

  10. guess we’ll see in a few months, once training camp rolls around. If Gurley is in low gear, I think the wheels might fall off this offense, this year. Enables the Rams to control possession and the clock. Don’t understand how they let Anderson walk. Already understood the offense and his role in it. Did very well.

  11. It doesn’t matter. Redskins with Guice and Haskins will be the NFC’s representative in the Super Bowl. The Rams should have won the title when they had the chance.

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