Dolphins roll out new throwbacks for 2019


Plenty of teams have throwback or alternate uniforms that look as good if not slightly better than their standard uniforms. The Dolphins have a throwback uniform that looks dramatically better than the usual getup.

The Dolphins have unveiled the throwbacks they’ll wear for their Week Two game against the Patriots. In a twist to the usual habit of donning aqua-colored shirts, the Dolphins have issued a white throwback jersey for the September-in-South-Florida scorcher, which means the Pats will be baking in their dark blue “home” uniform.

Americans agree on few issues, but this is one that unites most who have an opinion on it: The Miami throwback is much, much better than the current uniform. While that’s a good way to generate interest in buying the old-school helmets and jerseys, there would be even more interest if Miami would simply switch back to the look that characterized the days of the franchise’s biggest successes.

At a time when the Dolphins would love nothing more than to turn the page on 20 years of meh, the best way to do it (other than winning games consistently) would be to ditch that clunky stylized logo with Nikefied numerals and go back to the look from the days of Griese and Csonka and Buoniconti and Marino and the rest of the players who made the Dolphins a year-in, year-out team to be reckoned with.

27 responses to “Dolphins roll out new throwbacks for 2019

  1. Agree they should go back to those old style uniforms but they need to ban the number 19 that is shown in that picture. That number is cursed in Miami, every player that wears it turns out to be a huge disappointment.

  2. The old uniforms are so much better than these brutal new helmets and jerseys. Make the change right now, Miami. It would be the one thing you’ve done right in the last 25 years.

  3. Can’t wait ill be at the game in my dark blue pats jeresy bring it on! Cute jersey 😂

  4. When it comes to uniforms. This is where Miami should be. Quality teams do not need to change their uniforms to generate fan interest in buying their stuff. Some brands should never be changed. Miami was one of them. Go back to the past and stay there.

  5. Nice gamesmanship by the Fins. Of course if the Pats did this there would be 100+ posts claiming they were somehow cheating by making the other team play in dark jerseys under the hot FL sun.

  6. Please use these Throwback uniforms! This one can be our HOME jersey as we already have the AWAY gear or vice versa. They are way better then the goofy ones we have now that look like we’re in a yacht club or something…

  7. Great move. Adding the white to the facemask of their current unis a few years ago was a brilliant touch. They actually have decent regular uniforms now but the throwbacks are certainly better. Most teams’ throwbacks are, I don’t know why the NFL refuses to go back to classic great uniforms. The NFL also fails at making more alternates, the NBA is killing jersey sales with all the alternate jerseys they come up with every year. The NFL should do the same, come out with some kind of alternate or throwback for teams to wear every year, maybe even a few times. I know there is a rule against it but it needs to go. The NFL is losing money by not creating more markets for these jersey sales.

  8. The Dolphins changed their unis in the first place to avoid the perception that the Patriots were dominating the “Dolphins” as we’ve known them for years.

  9. All 3 Florida teams need to restore their more traditional uniforms..

    At least Miami’s isn’t that bad..
    Jacksonville’s and Tampa’s uniforms makes them look like cheap knock-offs of the NFL teams!

  10. I’m just curious, but wouldn’t the Pats be able to wear their throwbacks uni’s as well?

  11. Miami at home in Sept always wear their away-white jerseys PLUS the visitor’s benches are on the sunny side of the stadium while Miami sit in the shade. Bush league. Always.

  12. Yep, the old uniforms are better and if they go back to the old logos great, but what they really need to do is go back to their old winning ways…meh is a damned good description of them after Marino left!

  13. PLEASE NFL change that silly helmet rule where teams can’t switch helmets. Because of that rule the Bucs cannot do the same, neither can the Pats. The Bucco Bruce throwbacks game was the most popular game of the year here. The Pats throwback uniform is great too.

  14. The current uniform is vastly superior. The softer blue is spectacular – the former shade looked like it belonged on a really old Cadillac sitting on cement blocks in a junkyard near the Everglades. The current helmet is also preferable.

  15. The sad thing about this article is the response. We are just talking about uniforms and I think all the nfl uniforms have their brand. Some people responding are just so over the top and so sad that they have nothing better to do on a Sunday. Hence…..get a life people!

  16. I still say the Colts and Giants have the most boring uniforms in all of sports. And I happen to like a lot of the new uniforms. Not sure why it’s such an issue to have both modern and throwback/nostalgia uniforms.

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