Kevin Byard, Logan Ryan help pay for funeral of female football player’s mother

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A new trend has emerged recently in NFL circles, and it’s a great one. Players have been making donations to cover funeral costs, easing financial worries for those who are grieving.

The latest example comes from Tennessee, where Titans defensive backs Kevin Byard and Logan Ryan helped pay for the funeral of the mother of Toni Harris, a female college football player.

Via the Tennessean, the 22-year-old Harris became the first female football player to receive a full scholarship as a non-specialist. She’ll play at Central Methodist University in Missouri, an NAIA-level program.

Harris met with Byard and Logan at last month’s draft in Nashville. Her mother died this week, and the teammates opted to take action.

“We thought it would be cool to pay the remaining balance she needed for the funeral,” Byard said, per the Tennessean. “For a young lady in her position that’s about to embark on a journey that no woman has before, I can only imagine what’s she going through losing her mother. We just wanted to give her some comfort to let her know that we’re rooting for her and God has a plan for her.”

Of all the good things NFL players do (and they do plenty), few could be better than providing monetary assistance when others are dealing with the loss of a loved one. And it’s something we’ll always showcase here.

7 responses to “Kevin Byard, Logan Ryan help pay for funeral of female football player’s mother

  1. These two should share Walter Payton “Man of the Year” award right now. It’s a challenge now for others to step up their game off the field.

  2. Everyone with a heart loves this trend. It is up to the media to spread this trend. By that, I mean during the season that has millions of viewers watching LIVE TV the commenters give these guys the credit they greatly deserve.

  3. Good, it’s about time PLAYERS stepped up.
    NFL owners have been doing stuff like this for decades but no one gives them credit for helping their fellow American citizens.

  4. Dryzzt23, weird take. The owners have enough money to pay the salaries or 53 players, plus the practice squad guys, and the coaches. They have SIGNIFICANTLY more income than any player, no matter how famous. Doing this may not be a huge sacrifice for a good NFL player, but it’s way more of one than it is for ANY owner. Good for anyone who does it, but “it’s about time” and acting like the owners deserve a medal for basically paying for what amounts to a cup of coffee costs for you or me is a strange take.

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