Plenty of defensive line help still available in free agency

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The flood of free agent signings in March has slowed to a trickle in May, but teams looking to improve their defensive lines still have plenty of options available.

The three best players still available in our list of the Top 100 free agents are all defensive linemen: Ndamukong Suh at No. 23, Muhammad Wilkerson at No. 40 and Corey Liuget at No. 44.

NFL teams seem to have prioritized getting younger and cheaper on the defensive line this offseason, with 11 defensive linemen selected in the first round of the draft. With teams wanting to get younger and cheaper, Suh, Wilkerson and Liuget didn’t get the kinds of offers they were hoping for.

At this point, the top available players may be hoping that a team that suffers an injury on the defensive line will suddenly get desperate and make a big offer. Unfortunately, with three top defensive linemen available, it’s going to be a buyers’ market.

7 responses to “Plenty of defensive line help still available in free agency

  1. “NFL teams seem to have prioritized getting younger and cheaper on the defensive line this offseason”
    Now you know why Belichick’s been building a bigger roster and going power-run! Maybe teams have to go cheap somewhere so as to pay their QB and one or two divas silly money?

  2. Forget Wilkerson in this convo the guy is done has been done. Lazy and commitment is not their

  3. With a fixed payroll (pay cap), all you can do is reallocate it. So when you give one position a larger percentage, other positions must be reduced. You make it sound like the owners are being malevolent toward veterans or a particular position group, e.g. defensive line. You lobby for higher pay for everyone, especially prominent players engaged in very public contract disputes, e.g., Leveon Bell, yet you conveinetly ignore the reality of the pay cap.

  4. The current star of the market will really demonstrate how badly (or not) these Linemen want to play. No team will pay big dollars for their services. One year prove it deals are all that will be available. Suh has been overpaid for years now, he either needs to retire or play for a minimum.

  5. Now that Gerald McCoy has joined the group…they really have to reconsider their options and play for a year contract while taking less money. The draft truly dictated that most teams wanted younger players on the line while team is saving money. Good luck older Cats…time to lower you asking price and prove why you’re still around or retire.

  6. Suh is still unsigned because of greed not talent. He is trying to cash out one last time. Apparently his time with the Rams was his prove it 1 year deal and no longer looking for another 1 year prove it deal but a mega deal. Doubt he get that. Teams are only willing to pay him half what he is asking for. And what he is asking for is to be the top paid DL in the league

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