Reports: Broncos, Chris Harris talking about short-term deal

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Cornerback Chris Harris‘ bid for a new deal with the Broncos has led to renewed discussions with the team recently and recent reports indicate that a structure for that contract is taking shape.

According to multiple reports, the talks have focused on a short-term deal that would get Harris back to work with the team ahead of the 2019 season. Nicki Jhabvala of suggests that deal could feature a pay raise this season while still leaving the door open for Harris to hit free agency in 2020.

Past reports have indicated Harris is looking for a salary in the neighborhood of $15 million per season. He is currently set to make $8.8 million in 2019 after receiving a $1 million option bonus in addition to his base salary.

Talks are expected to continue as no agreement between Harris and the Broncos is believed to be imminent.

5 responses to “Reports: Broncos, Chris Harris talking about short-term deal

  1. What’s in it for the team?
    Let him sit out.
    He’s 30 and a sit out or not playing hard and it harms his ability to get a big contract.
    Play out the year and go elsewhere to get paid

  2. Good for Elway. Harris is not is a strong negotiating position turning 30 and coming off a broken leg, so I’m glad Elway is not acting desperate. Give Harris 2yrs-$30m with $25m guaranteed. That way Harris won’t feel disrespected and Elway doesn’t have to gamble on a long term deal. Harris was an undrafted player that became one of the best CBs in the NFL and was part of the 2015 “No Fly Zone” Super Bowl winning team, so fans want this deal to work out and do not want a messy break up with Harris.

  3. Elway has dug himself into a hole. He paid Kareem Jackson more than Chris Harris despite Jackson being older, Harris grading out as the better corner, and Harris being consistently a top 3 corner for the last 6 years.

    Elway can’t say he’s putting the team first because he hired Vance Joseph to run the team. One of your most consistent players took a team friendly deal(8.5 million per year vs. Talib) also happens to be a top ranked player and is asking for a new contract in the final year of his 6 year deal. Players will stop considering Denver if Elway wants to play the I have your contact card. Despite being the second most successful franchise of the last 25 years(3 SB victories), they are a dumpster fire until Elway proves otherwise.

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