Browns coach and G.M. go to Kareem Hunt’s baptism


The Browns hope Kareem Hunt will eventually help redeem them.

So they were with him when he marked a religious milestone Sunday.

Via Dan Labbe of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns running back was baptized at the True Vine Baptist Church Sunday, and coach Freddie Kitchens and General Manager John Dorsey were there to be with him.

The religious element is clearly important to Hunt — he said last week: “I’m looking forward so I can feel reborn” — but having the support of his bosses is clearly important to the franchise as well.

They know he won’t play the first eight games. He was suspended by the league after video emerged of him shoving and kicking a woman in Cleveland, which led to the Chiefs releasing him (because he lied to them).

Since joining the Browns, Hunt has been active talking to school groups about not repeating his mistakes, and turning to religion is part of his effort to reclaim himself, and not just his image. But he knows his words won’t matter, and his actions will dictate whether he earns the forgiveness of the world.

19 responses to “Browns coach and G.M. go to Kareem Hunt’s baptism

  1. Oh okay so Hunt thinks he can fool everyone by using religion to cover himself.
    If Richie Incognito did the same thing then everyone would support him right?
    No Hunt, I’m not buying it. You had your chance and you blew it.

  2. Okay. Now go out and prove you’re a better man than you have shown in the past.

  3. As with any young man, I sincerely hope his faith is genuine.
    I know Jesus saves sinners, changes people, and redirects futures.
    None of us can judge the man’s motives or heart; his actions will, as all of our actions up here in the peanut gallery, tell the tale.
    All the best to him, and to Kitchens and the Browns.

  4. albanyjints says:
    May 20, 2019 at 7:32 am
    Can’t root for the Browns after signing this guy. No class.
    And if he signed with your favorite team?

  5. I don’t know if the guy is serious or not, time will tell on that but if any of us were in his shoes, (we’d have more money) but we’d prob wish also wish for the benefit of the doubt.

    You know, to always think the worst is prob not very healthy. It’s amazing how selective people are with their good wishes….myself included.

  6. I would have a lot more respect for Hunt if I found this out 3 years from now with a clean record in his rearview mirror. Instead, hearing about his religious conversion as it happens, it smacks of PR, something his agent told him would be a good idea to rehab his image. Why exactly do we all need to know this now anyway Kareem?

  7. This is a tough one to balance on how to support someone yet maintain an authority structure.

    Baker Mayfield is getting married soon. Will Dorsey and Kitchens be at the wedding? Where do you draw a line on what player and what life event you should attend? If Baker is the leader I think he is he’ll know that Dorsey and Kitchens should not even be invited.

    Today it sounds as if this team will be friends for life. It they don’t win football games then none of it matters to this fan.

  8. He has done a lot of talking this off-season. It’s time for him to walk the walk. I seriously doubt he is changed since he continues to say things that clearly demonstrates he didn’t think he did anything wrong.

  9. If this was truly legit it would never have been made public in the first place.

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