Ezekiel Elliott handcuffed, but not charged, after shoving security guard

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Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was handcuffed by security at a music festival in Las Vegas early Saturday morning, after shoving a security guard to the ground.

In video obtained by TMZSports.com, Elliott was seen having a discussion with his girlfriend. While that didn’t become physical, he did get into an altercation with a security guard, bodying him backward and giving him a forearm into a metal gate, and then throwing his hands up and saying: “I didn’t do anything.”

He was detained by security, but wasn’t charged. His attorney, Frank Salzano, said security was “overreacting.”

“Security misconstrued and overreacted to the situation,” Salzano said.

“He was cuffed as a precautionary measure,” he added. “He was released with no charges. He left Vegas that night and went to his [youth football camp in Dallas] on Sunday.”

While his lawyer may be dismissive, the league will likely want to know much more about the situation, after Elliott was investigated in 2017 for an incident with an ex-girlfriend, leading to a six-game suspension. Since the league’s personal conduct policy can be applied without criminal charges or finding of fault, Elliott could still face consequences from the league.

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  1. saw the video. not a big deal. it honestly looked playful, and the guy just kind of fell accidentally. it looks like the guard is chuckling as he fell.

    /not a cowboys fan at all.

  2. I’m a cowboys fan but it’s time for this guy to kick rocks. The only way you get rid of a reputation for being soft on players that make poor decisions is to allow them to continue to make poor decisions and play for your team without repercussion. A team’s legacy is built on the name on the front of the jersey, not the one on the back. No player is too good to move on from.

  3. Geez dude. 2 steps forward 5 steps back. Incidents seem to follow certain people. The person will tell you they are innocent. I wish they could be leaders on and off the field. Sad. Go Cowboys…but do it the right way please.

  4. bentedges says:
    May 20, 2019 at 1:20 pm
    C’mon, that security guard did a better fake flop than D Wade.

    A little shove or a big shove doesn’t matter. Its still assault/battery. The moment you touch someone its battery.

  5. Continues to amaze me how some of these athletes, with millions at stake, simply can’t exercise a little self control.

  6. Security involves themselved into an A and B conversation…
    Security gets told to screw off..security doesnt and they end up chest to chest.
    Security flops to the ground…

    How long until we hear about Zeke getting sued?

  7. Repeat offender of the personal conduct policy. In Rogers world this means 10 game suspension.


    I’m not a cowboy fan but nothing in terms of punishment will come of this………

  8. For better or worse, Cowboys offense runs through this guy. If he is lost for any significant time, irreplaceable. Also, heading into a contract year.

  9. you know, i watched it again and i’m not sure. he clearly did shove him, but it was violent. should be interesting to see how this plays out.

  10. No arrest, No charges..yet there is a video so it gives every troll an opportunity to voice their opinion. Sad what entertainment has become for some, but I am not surprised by the reactions.

  11. I saw the video too….Staggering around like a drunk or high on something….knocks over security guy while trying to look like he wasnt knocking the security guy over….cant keep giving Zeke one more chance after another…

  12. Young man there is only one thing you can control in life. Yourself.
    Stop trying to control people and learn to have empathy for others.

  13. Good grief. He just leaned into the guy and he lost his balance and fell back with the railing. Ridiculous to handcuff him over that…

  14. Did the people commenting here watch the video? He’s drunk yes, but didn’t do anything

  15. bentedges says:
    May 20, 2019 at 1:20 pm
    C’mon, that security guard did a better fake flop than D Wade.

    You mean like Marcus Smart level? I’m impressed.

  16. dude filming him knew something was about to happen, i wonder why, hmmm

  17. In the environment of a music concert letting out this sort of stuff goes on a lot. They dont have the manpower to arrest every little thing they see so instead they just focus on making sure no one is getting hurt. This does include forcibly restraining guys that look like they are about to hurt someone (which he did have that appearance) but generally just letting the tensions clear then releasing again.

  18. That security guard wouldn’t look out of place playing soccer. Straight out of the Naymar ” How to win an oscar with a audacious dive and not convince anyone handbook.

  19. Sigh. I understand he’s young and wants to have fun, but if you’re a professional athlete you have to be aware that everywhere you go somebody is filming you. What a punk move following Zeke around with your phone all night. That being said, Zeke was clearly intoxicated, and he forced that security guard back into the barrier and gave a shoulder shove when he started to fall. Security can’t lose control with a big crowd like that, so they had no choice but to sic the cops on Zeke once he made physical contact with one of their guys. Stupid Zeke. So stupid.

  20. Dear athletes. When you are on the verge of signing a mind blowing contract that will set you and all your kids, their kids, etc up for life, maybe just stay home and watch Netflix till that big bonus check is in the bank. Just a thought.

  21. Not a fan of Elliot, but I love how many critical comments there are here by people who clearly didn’t bother to watch the actual video. Nothing to see here folks…not that that’ll stop the critics from doing their thing, of course.

  22. Dude was at the very least drunk. I’m guessing there’s a drug test message in his inbox right now. Normally I wouldn’t see this as a big deal, I mean the guy at one point is shoving a hamburger in his mouth. That said, he has a history now so he should be avoiding crap like this.

  23. No wonder they signed a RB in the 4th and also another RB and haven’t started contract talk with him yet. They knew he is still immature

  24. The “shove” isn’t even what bothers me. It’s his decision to continue to go out into public spaces, get lit up, and just invite trouble. How has he not figured out or listened to counsel that this is a terrible idea??

  25. People claiming those critical of Zeke didn’t watch the video.

    I watched the video.

    Sure looks like Zeke committed assault.

    Be very surprised if this ends well for Zeke.
    Gonna at least cost him money.

  26. According to reports the only reason he wasn’t charged is because the victim didn’t want to press charges.

    There was enough there to arrest.

  27. I wouldn’t call what Elliot did a “shove”, but he did lean into the guy in a “mildly aggressive” manner. That barrier behind the guard wasn’t very stable or sturdy.The people saying the guard “flopped” have perception issues. It wasn’t overly violent, but there was aggression on the part of Elliot.
    Additionally, this guy seems to constantly find himself in the middle of some kind of issue with women. He’ll either mature out of it or go through the rest of his life having “women” issues.

  28. No worries, Dak can just step up and win without him during the next suspension.
    Oh wait…
    Go Birds

  29. Wonder where all the #FREEZEKE and (again) Goodell has it out for everyone not named the Giants. This is #3 on this guy. At some time that has to be in consideration.

  30. A sure way to get in trouble is to do that to a security guard. They are there for a reason. If you don’t like what he says fine but shoving him is just plain dumb.

  31. America’s Team! That stupidity probably cost him a couple million in contract negotiations. There are a lot of decent RBs out there Zeke!

  32. whynotjustadmitit says:
    May 20, 2019 at 1:34 pm

    Security involves themselved into an A and B conversation…
    Security gets told to screw off..security doesnt and they end up chest to chest.
    Security flops to the ground…

    How long until we hear about Zeke getting sued?


    Then, A punches B in the face, and Security does nothing, they look like the fools for not securing the area, Pie in the Face?

  33. Surprised that not a single comment here points to what lead to his involvement with security. Elliott’s girlfriend is very clearly trying to get away from him and Elliott refuses to let her. Picking up his pace to get in front of her so she cannot get past him. Then there is apparently some shouting going on after the girlfriend says “leave me alone”. Before Elliott becomes aware that security is checking out the situation. Once Elliott sees this he quickly moves away from his girlfriend. So Elliott was full on with his intent to bully the girl until he got caught. Then Elliott tries to bully the smaller security guard and possibly has physical contact with the security guy.

  34. 2019, where a multi million dollar inquiry is needed because a grown man was pushed by another grown man

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