Ravens’ mid-May signings show a commitment to compensatory picks

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When Ozzie Newsome was G.M. of the Ravens, they led the league in acquiring compensatory draft picks. Now Newsome has stepped aside and Eric DeCosta is the G.M., but the Ravens’ commitment to compensatory picks continues.

Last week the Ravens signed three free agents: Shane Ray, Pernell McPhee and Michael Floyd. It’s telling that the Ravens waited until mid-May to sign all three players, because that got them past the last date by which free agent signings can affect the compensatory pick formula.

As noted by Nick Korte of OverTheCap.com, if the Ravens had made those signings before May 7, it could have canceled out their 2020 compensatory picks. The Ravens are slated to get a third-round pick and a fourth-round pick when the compensatory picks are doled out next year.

Many of the most successful teams in the league are the ones that prioritize compensatory picks; in addition to the Ravens the teams that best positioned themselves for compensatory picks in 2020 are the Patriots, Seahawks and Eagles.

7 responses to “Ravens’ mid-May signings show a commitment to compensatory picks

  1. Think they’re getting a little too much credit here. The Pats and Ravens have been ahead of the curve on CPs, especially since you could trade them starting in 20017. It’s a consideration as part of the puzzle. But those 3 are cheap contracts that would barely qualify for a 7th, if at all. The Ravens also signed 3 guys that did count on the cancellation chart earlier. Because they were in demand.

  2. They’re going to be masking yet again. Lamar JAckson set to bust and get hurt, too.

    The Ravens were not really a playoff team last year and they haven’t been for years.

    Ozzie was asked to step aside and DeCosta has a lot of work to do, especially looking at their QB delusions.

    Rebuild has been underway for a while now, but they went about it the wrong way by masking with Suggs, Weddle, etc.

  3. The Ravens play the Comp Pick gane better than anyone. They are playing 4th dimensional chess while other teams are playing tic tac toe in the mud with sticks.

  4. Ty Law……….WRONG

    It REALLY was the Ravens you watched in the NFL Playoffs last year.

    They wore “purple” uniforms. Not Black & Yellow, definitely not Brown, and also not any colors resembling a Bengal tiger.

    That’s your REALITY Ty Law.

  5. Earl Thomas was cut hinself so he doesn’t count against compensatory picks. The only significant signing the Ravens made that will effect comp picks is Ingram and what he got pales in comparison to what Za’darius Smith and especially CJ Mosley got. They’re definitely in line for a 3rd just from Mosley.

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