Bobby Wagner at Seahawks OTAs, isn’t participating in practice

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Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner has said that he’s preparing for this season as if it will be his last one in Seattle and that preparation doesn’t currently include practicing at organized team activities.

Wagner is in the final year of his contract and said Tuesday, via multiple reporters, he won’t participate in the sessions without a new contract from the team. He gave a hint about what kind of contract he’s looking for when he noted the deal C.J. Mosley got from the Jets this offseason.

Mosley signed a five-year, $85 million deal with $43 million in guaranteed money at the time of signing. Wagner said that deal’s “the market” and that he hopes to break it when he ultimately signs a new deal.

Wagner said he doesn’t want to create “drama” about the contract, which he hopes gets done by the start of the season, and feels it’s important to be with the team even though he won’t get on the field with them right now.

9 responses to “Bobby Wagner at Seahawks OTAs, isn’t participating in practice

  1. Hangin round without practicing with the team.
    How is that not a distraction?
    How does that not complicate contract talks?

  2. The Jets are not only one of the biggest jokes in all of sports, but their ineptitude has now affected other teams with their absurd signings.

  3. Mosley’s deal is probably going to remain an outlier for at least a couple years when the cap catches up. Off-ball LB’s just aren’t valued highly. Also, Mosley turns 27 this summer, Wagner turns 29. Nobody is giving a 29 year old off-ball LB a 5 year mega-deal.

  4. Mosley, at best a 2 down back, was greatly over payed by a clueless team on how to value or even scout players. Wagner is getting to that drop off point for players that hit and get hit on almost every play and has been piling up the injuries over the past few years. At best Seattle offers around $8 to $12 with maybe $20 million guaranteed or get a 3rd rounder in 2021 when another clueless team (could be the same one) offers him way to much money.

  5. I think Bobby’s “market” is the 11.5 mill he’s due on his contract this year.

  6. Market is higher than he is due to get this season, no doubt. How much he gets if franchised in 2020/21. Included, would be a signing bonus for this current year. The extension should be guaranteed for the 2020 season with injury guaranteed for 2021 after start of 2020. Years 3-4 (2022-23) would be at the same level as 2021 with each succeeding year guaranteed for injury at start of the preceding season.

  7. Smart thing. Fellow ILB Reuben Foster tore his ACL in his first day of practice. Without a new deal, getting injured in practice is baaaaaaaad.

  8. Maybe Russ can play both ways- seems reasonable since he’s making 15% of the team payroll😂😂

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