Ndamukong Suh expected to sign with Buccaneers

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Gerald McCoy is out in Tampa Bay, and now Ndamukong Suh is on the way in.

Suh and the Bucs are finalizing a one-year contract, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

We noted when McCoy was cut that Suh could be a replacement for him. They’re both defensive tackles who entered the NFL together in the 2010 NFL draft, with Suh the second overall pick and McCoy third overall.

There’s no word on the money in the Suh-Bucs deal, but it would presumably be for less than the $13 million McCoy was slated to make on his deal. Last year Suh made $14.5 million with the Rams.

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  1. You’re a head coach with the need for a defensive tackle. Both Gerald McCoy and Ndamukong Suh are available. Both want the same salary, so which do you choose?

    I am sure that a majority of football fans, players and coaches would all make the same decision.

  2. Nice to finally get some attitude back on our defense. We’ve been employing softies for too long.

  3. Unless the Buccaneers planning on making the playoffs, then don’t expect much of anything from Suh during the regular season.

  4. Interesting, drop a class citizen who has been nothing but a model employee for your franchise and replace him with almost same player, but a checkered past in the character department. Message to future Bucs employees we care more about the $ than the make up of your character, no wonder they are consistently in the cellar even when they have some talent on the roster.

  5. Major upgrade in nasty, something our Bucs haven’t had since Sapp left…I bet Suh doesn’t wear a kimono to practice or keep his collection of Batman toys in his locker…

    Nor will he apologize to Big Ben after a sack or to Drew Brees after stepping on his toe…

    The nice guys finish last motto certainly fit squarely on GMC’s shoulders for the past 9 years…

  6. Suh will do the bare minimum and enjoy a big paycheck. Not a great sign for the Bucs.

  7. Arians doesn’t care much about good character, we wants to boost his w/l record at any cost. In Arizona, he laughed and bragged about cutting a young player for parking in a parking place reserved for management. He said he was showing that he won’t tolerate even minor transgressions. The poor kid was just trying to learn the ropes, and make an NFL squad. Maybe Arians has not seen any career film on Suh stomping on players, bending fingers back in pile ups,elbows in the neck, tripping, and on and on. When other players vote you among the dirtiest players, they know what they are talking about.

  8. “I guess Gerald will now be a Patriot. Thoughts?”

    I doubt it. Pats have just over 8 million in cap space at he moment per overthecap.

    Bill seems to like having 5-6 million available for in season trades and signings. Doesn’t leave much to offer McCoy.

  9. Suh’s best days were in Detroit. Miami ruined him due to horrendous coaching and bad scheme. He played well at times last year but disappeared others. If the Detroit version of Suh played next to Donald, QB’s would have died.

  10. What a down grade. Suh was not good last year and he played next to Aaron donald. Tampa wasn’t contending anyways so I’m guessing they wanted to let him chase a title since he wasn’t going to have a chance there. If you thumbs down this then your delusional and dont know anything about football. Fact

  11. Huge upgrade. All you haters saying McCoy is better than Suh don’t know football. Gerald McCoy is/has been overrated. With someone who actually demands a double team on the d-line the opportunities for the defense to make plays will be higher. Too bad that knuckle head Pierre Paul can’t keep from getting himself or this would be interesting!

  12. GO BUCS…needed to go in a different direction. McCoy was soft and Suh is an upgrade for cheaper…good move.

  13. Oh well, Suh showed up for us in the playoffs. You would have thought after finally achieving success, going to the Super Bowl, etc. he would have went to a contender. NFC South is a dog fight. Will he be performing like he did in the playoffs weekly cuz 8-8 might win that division.

  14. Per PFF

    “The ninth-year interior defender played the third-most snaps of any defensive tackle during the regular season, and when it was all said and done he had earned an 82.6 overall grade – the third-best mark of his career. His career-best overall grade (85.6) came just a season prior season with the Miami Dolphins, which perhaps shows that his play isn’t falling off as much as people think.
    Over the last three seasons, Suh has been one of the most productive run stoppers in the entire NFL. He’s earned a run-defense grade of 91.1 over that span, sixth among qualifying players at the position, while his 83 run stops are tied for the seventh-most.”

    He also is one of the most durable DT’s in the game. I’m no Bucs fan, but he’s way beter than McCoy, especially when you consider his ability to stay on the field for nearly every snap. All the people saying his best years were in Detroit haven’t paid attention. 2015-2018 were his best graded years according to PFF. Great signing.

  15. You can tell who watches football and who just regurgitates what the media tells them by some of the comments on these stories. The ones of people thinking McCoy has been good are the funniest ones. He fell off a cliff the last few years, which is one of the main reasons the Buc defense has been horrendous, and despite you not being able to see 50 sacks next to Suh’s name, even last year in an ill fit with the Rams, he’s been dominant as ever, which was very apparent in the playoffs. He’ll take the Darnell Dockett/Campbell/Lenard Williams role in the Bowles defense, something McCoy couldn’t play in his prime and definitely couldn’t now with his diminished ability.

  16. clwjb3 says:
    May 21, 2019 at 3:28 pm
    Major upgrade in nasty, something our Bucs haven’t had since Sapp left…I bet Suh doesn’t wear a kimono to practice or keep his collection of Batman toys in his locker…
    Nor will he apologize to Big Ben after a sack or to Drew Brees after stepping on his toe…
    The nice guys finish last motto certainly fit squarely on GMC’s shoulders for the past 9 years…

    Dirty is a better word than nasty for Mr Suh

  17. I was excited when the Rams signed Suh last season, but he did not have the impact I’d expected. Our DL was awful against the run. In general, it looked like Suh wasn’t living up to the money he was paid. He gets double-teamed a lot, but he also got beat plenty of times one-on-one. His play elevated in the playoffs, but it would have been nice if he played like that the entire season.

  18. Upgrade or not, Suh is not as fun to root for. McCoy was a class act.

    We’re running the 3-4 this year, so hopefully Suh and Vita Vea will create the same pass rush that Aaron Donald and Suh did last year for the Rams. I just can’t help this feeling that Suh will mail it in this year.

  19. This guy does not fit the “team player” model.

    He is in it for the cash, and nothing more.

    Guessing he is going to Tampa, because LA had too much taxes.

    Good luck Bucs!

  20. McCoy doesn’t have the mental toughness the Patriots relish. I would be shocked if he makes it thru their pre-season

  21. Tampa and Florida are good places to keep your money, and enjoy the water and golf. a player could do much worse.Bill

  22. Surprised the Colts didn’t grab him. I was on a late flight with him to Indy a few weeks back. Never heard it reported that he was visiting and I know he wasn’t catching a connecting flight. There are no connecting flights in Indianapolis!

  23. with todd bowles this defense is going to be nasty. they loaded up on big corners in the draft. then got a mean safety too..it was all defense in the draft and a big kicker that looks like he could play linebacker. I am trying to start a nickname for the bucs defense called The beasts of the bay. With suh they will be nasty up front and got some corners with attitudes. hopefully kendall beckwith comes back from his foot injury . Then we will have devin white and beckwith who are two nasty linebackers from LSU..tampa loves lsu backers.Mccoy was too soft

  24. Huge upgrade over GMC. GMC took plays off and just wasnt the overall force that Suh has been

  25. When you won’t take a team friendly restructure from the team that drafted you and paid you millions for many years?? Who’s really the disloyal one?? When the face of your defense is soft then your whole defense is soft. Donald had 11 sacks without Suh, and 20 sacks with Suh. The rookie Vita Vea, out for OTAs and half the season due to injury, outproduced McCoy last year.

  26. Suh took last season off on a good team, he will
    Be in full retirement mode with TB.
    Good luck Bucks.

  27. I hope he gets used to being on the field a lot with Crab Legs throwing pick after pick.

  28. This make zero sense. Suh’s a pretty good player but he’s nowhere near the leader or run defender McCoy was. He’s often undisciplined and unmotivated. To his credit he had a great playoff run last year but the chances of getting that two years in a row out of him are slim. Furthermore if the decision to cut McCoy was cap motivated why sign another high priced DT? Especially when you are a year or two away from competing in that division. And for Suh why not sign with a contender like New England or Philly if it’s a one year deal anyway? One of the most bizarre moves I’ve seen this offseason.

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