Bears “seeing some different looks” with Chuck Pagano running defense


After being hired as the defensive coordinator in Chicago in January, Chuck Pagano said that the Bears defense won’t change much with Vic Fangio now running the show in Denver.

That doesn’t mean it won’t be changing at all and head coach Matt Nagy indicated on Wednesday that they’re seeing some new things during organized team activities. He did not indicate any worry that those changes would lead to a lesser performance once the team hits the field in September.

“I have zero concerns,” Nagy said, via “It’s going to be exciting. We are seeing some different looks out there that we haven’t seen with Vic. It’s been neat.”

Nagy said he doesn’t expect the defense to come together overnight, but praised Pagano’s communication skills while maintaining his belief that all will work out well on defense in Chicago.


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  1. Pagano’s Colts D over 6yrs (2012 thru 2017) averaged 21st in points allowed. Before that he had just one great year as a DC with Ravens (2011) but based on how things went after you have to wonder how much of it was Ravens’ underlying defensive strengths rather than his.

  2. The Bears have a very talented defense. Fangio brought out the best in them. Pagano may not be Fangio, but the talent will still keep the Bears in the upper echelon of NFL defenses. They will slip a bit, but still the class of the North.

  3. You CANNOT compare a D from when he was HC and transpose that onto becoming a DC??? He was a DBCoor in Balt and they were ranked around 10th. When he became DC they were 2 or 3 in every category, after he left they fell to middle on the NFL. The reason they went to the SB was because Jim Caldwell came in towards the end of the season and turned him into a SB MVP. THE SAME THING happened with him, he got a nod to become HC of Detroit because of that performance, but couldnt make it as a HC.

  4. The Bears way, take one of the best “D’s” in the league and mess with it…..SO BEAR! looking forward to the 7-9 record and cashing the under ticket, at 9.5….#freemoneyvegas

  5. Youre all comparing apples to oranges. Pagano was an awesome DC. The Ravens were 10th when he was DBCoor. When he becsme DC they were 2 and 3 in every category. When he left thry fell to middle of the NFL. Jim Caldwell is responsible for turning Flacco into a SB MVP,which is why he ended up in Detroit. And he wasnt that good of HC as we was an OC… same with Pagano.

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