Kyle Rudolph confirms talks about a five-year extension

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Tight end Kyle Rudolph updated where things stand in his contract talks with the Vikings on Wednesday and confirmed a report from PFT in the process.

That report indicated Rudolph and the team are discussing a five-year extension and Rudolph said on Wednesday that is indeed “what they’re working at.” The report also said that the two sides have not made much progress toward an agreement.

Rudolph didn’t say how close a deal might be, but did say the two sides are “working really hard” on finding common ground.

“It’s not a bad situation to be in,” Rudolph said, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “I get to come out every day in practice with my teammates. A bad situation would have been cut back in March and trying to find a job. I have a job, so that’s the good thing. I get to come out here each and every day and practice.”

Rudolph said he’s been told that other teams are interested in him in the event things don’t work out with the Vikings, but it remains unclear when the team might turn to options other than talking about an extension.

9 responses to “Kyle Rudolph confirms talks about a five-year extension

  1. As much as I’d like him to wind up with the Pats, if his family wants to stay, he should stay. That is home to him now, and it is likely he could sign a long term deal that would pay him his $7MM this year and give some needed cap relief for the Vikes.

    It’s probably a deal that SHOULD have been done a while ago.

  2. 2019 is a throw away season. The Vikings have all but admitted that. Signing Rudolph to a long term deal if you feel Irv Smith Jr. is the future at TE would be just more foolish moves by this total grease fire of a franchise.

    I am the main Vikings fan on this site and am not associated with the guy who posts on hundreds of screen names. Us real Vikings fans are looking forward to starting on the path to success in 2020 after Zimmer is fired during the 2019 throw away season. SKOL!

  3. An extension would bring his cap number down and make him more attractive on the trade market time will tell where he winds up.

  4. Does this mean they’re not going to take a 7th round pick to trade him to the team you root for?

  5. What? The team spent a high draft pick on TE and now wants me to believe that they are negotiating in earnest with their aging veteran for another 5 year deal? Doesn’t pass the smell test. Too rich of an investment for the TE position. My best guess is that

  6. No reason to trade him. He is worth much more than the compensation we would get for him. He and Smith will give us a great 12 personnel package.

  7. I hope we do the right thing and sign him to a reasonable contract. Irv Smith Jr. is the future, so does the extension need tobe 5 years?

  8. It’s going to be a 5 year contract where they can dump him after 2-3. His agent is probably getting enough guaranteed $$$ where he’s guaranteed 15-20M out of next 3 years.

  9. They thought they could roll him. I’m glad he’s holding his ground.

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