Matthew Stafford “as far along as I should be” in new offense


Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford gave his first interview since his wife Kelly’s brain surgery last week and thanked people for their well-wishes as she and the family continue to go through the recovery process.

Stafford took some time off from the Lions to make sure all was well on the home front, but he’s been back at work for a while and said it was a relief to have that outlet available to him. On Tuesday, Stafford delved a bit deeper into the football side of things now that OTAs are underway.

Stafford said he’s “just happy to be out here throwing the ball around to some really talented guys” and gave an update on how quickly he’s picking up the offense being installed by new coordinator Darrell Bevell.

“I think I’m as far along as I should be,” Stafford said, via the Detroit News. “There’s obviously a ton more to learn. Verbiage-wise, it’s completely different. … To be honest, having a new playbook is kind of helping. I’m sitting there going, ‘Man, it’s not old hat.’ It’s a bunch of new stuff. I think guys are doing a great job diving in and trying to learn.”

Stafford stressed the need to stay “locked in” at work despite what’s going on at home. With new receivers, tight ends and Frank Ragnow moving to center, there should be plenty of things keeping Stafford’s mind on task while he’s in the building.

13 responses to “Matthew Stafford “as far along as I should be” in new offense

  1. No mention of putting his personal stamp on it – like a certain other arrogant QB in the NFCN…

  2. Stafford is such a bad QB, every time there’s a big game on the line he chokes! He’s a fumble and INT machine, the Lions better begin looking for another QB. This Patricia and Quinn thing isn’t going to work, they will both be gone within two years or less.

  3. Stafford is the last guy the Lions need to worry about as for being prepared for the season…question is will they ever figure out that building a solid offensive line is the key to any QB success….

  4. This Patricia and Quinn thing isn’t going to work

    What the hell have you got to lose? This has arguably been the worst team in football for the last 70 years.

  5. I don’t know how Lions fans can or are supposed to be excited about Matt Stafford in 2019. Stafford is the NFL’s version of the movie ground hog day. He’s not terrible by any stretch of the imagination, but is solidly average and will only account for max 7-9 wins. At this point the Lions should think about cutting bait and drafting a young QB in one of the next 2 drafts if they’re bad enough to land a Tua, Herbert or Trevor Lawerence the following the year. I have nothing at all against the Lions or Lions fans, I just dont know how they’re supposed to believe in this guy after 10yrs of watching him fail in or come up short of the post season.

  6. bdshaffer20 says:
    May 22, 2019 at 9:20 am
    Except when he beat the World Champions last year… On Sunday night in front of the World. #OnePride

    In the regular season. What did Stafford do in the playoffs? O that’s right he choked in the regular season and didn’t get it done. I have nothing against Lions fans dude, I just don’t see how ya’all can be excited about this guy at this point. You guys support the team and pay your hard earned money for nothing, what has he done over the last 10yrs? I’d like to see the Lions be good, I root for the underdogs. I just do not see that happening with Stafford as the QB, I think he’s wayyyyy over paid for what he has accomplished. I think DET could be far better long term if they take their financial lumps and move on from Stafford within the next couple years or even trade him if they can . Start over at QB, draft Tua, Herbert or Lawerence in 2021 and use the savings you’ll see with a cheap rookie QB under center to really build up that team. I think that would be the best thing long term for the Lions, cause we know what Stafford is which is a solid but fatally flawed QB.

  7. Stafford is a good QB; he’s durable, he’s good late in games (go look at this 4th qtr comebacks and game-winning drives) and he goes out and does his job without complaint even though the Lions typically surround him bad offensive lines, no defense, and no running game, depending upon what year it is. It’s lazy and easy to rip him because he’s the face of the franchise, but he’s hardly the biggest problem on the Lions.

  8. Stafford is part of the Lions organization, he’s been cursed since being drafted by that dumpster fire franchise. He did turn the ball over multiple times in critical games (which does not include a regular season game when they beat championship franchise and finish the season 6-10, but nice try Lions fan.) After Matt turns the ball over and the team lost the fans like the one above cried about the refs not calling a square game…..classic move by a desperate fan base.

  9. Stafford has won 4 straight against a certain NFCN opponent, and it is hurting a lot of his critics here that have posted.

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