No word yet on a final deal between Buccaneers, Ndamukong Suh

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On Tuesday, multiple reports emerged indicating that the Buccaneers and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh are “finalizing” a one-year deal. A day later, no deal has been done.

The official NFL transactions report for Wednesday does not reveal that Suh has joined the Buccaneers. And, as we’ve learned time and again over the years, no deal is done until it’s done.

There’s no reason to currently think it won’t be done. But, still, it’s not done.

If/when it is done, it will be interesting to see what the deal is worth. The fact that the initial reports didn’t include a number suggests that the number won’t be eye-popping. There’s also a chance that the initial financial reporting will describe the deal as being worth “up to” a certain amount, a subtle effort to overstate the deal by including any incentives within the base value.

A separate question, as mentioned by Charean Williams on Wednesday’s PFT Live, is the question of why the Bucs want Suh? Gerald McCoy, who was cut by the Buccaneers on Monday, was more effective as a pass rusher in 2018, and he didn’t have Aaron Donald next to him. Also, Suh didn’t have the same spark in the regular season that he displayed when he finally had a chance to pursue a Super Bowl championship. Will he play hard during the week-in, week-out grind of the 2019 regular season?

8 responses to “No word yet on a final deal between Buccaneers, Ndamukong Suh

  1. Long time Lions fan. It’s still early, but careful here in dealing with Suh. Would not be surprised if his team leaked info about an imminent signing then upped his asking price. Bucs have less leverage after cutting McCoy.

  2. Probably will cost at least as much as McCoy would have, he knows he’s not going to get a ring there

  3. We need a facelift on the soft as Ice Cream D we have been totting out under Dirk and Mike Smith

    Time to move on and add some grit

    Suh is in his twilight and needs to impress to get another year…all the motivation needed and he is playing next to Vea, a kid that is going to turn many heads this year

    Vea is the real deal, mark it down

  4. Greedy player who’s asking price will only enable any team to hire him for one year at a time, and he’s not even the player he once was. His name recognition is all he has left.

  5. Probably holding out to see if a team that actually has a chance to make the playoffs will make him an offer…
    Tampa’s season is usually done by week 8 and the rest is just going through the motions!

  6. Suh is the modern day Deion…a hopscopping mercenarie bagging bucks

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