Report: Bengals have interest in Gerald McCoy

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Gerald McCoy said good-bye to the Buccaneers in an Instagram video Wednesday. He vowed to “retire as a Buc.”

But retirement isn’t on the horizon for the 31-year-old defensive tackle.

McCoy now finds himself a free agent with a chance to choose his next destination. The Patriots, Colts and Browns reportedly have interest in McCoy.

Add the Bengals to that list, too, Diana Russini of ESPN reports.

The reason for the Bengals’ interest is obvious, but why would McCoy have interest in the Bengals?

With $23 million in cap space, according to Katherine Terrell of ESPN, the Bengals can afford to pay McCoy.

But McCoy has never played in the postseason, so going to a contender presumably would rank as a consideration for McCoy. Cincinnati hasn’t made the playoffs the past three seasons.

The six-time Pro Bowler has 54.5 sacks in his nine seasons.

17 responses to “Report: Bengals have interest in Gerald McCoy

  1. This league has 32 teams. I’m pretty sure one of them will give this guy a legitimate contract. I don’t blame him for taking the highest bidder, we pretty much all would.

  2. I thought the teams bidding for his services were supposed to be playoff contenders? So why are the Bengals interested? Would they really spend several million dollars just to keep him from going to a rival?

  3. I like the idea of having two all pro DTs. Help those LBs a little. A lot of teams would have to pick their poison against a strong front. Also a lot of rotation so in the 4th quarter you’ve got fresh legs. McCoy, Atkins, Dunlap, Lawson, Hubbard, Glasgow and a make or break camp for Billings. Look the names up if you don’t know them. All pretty good. Billings looked unstoppable coming out of Baylor. Injuries and inconsistent play haven’t done him any favors.

  4. He probably could have taken less money and stayed in his home in Tampa – he is definitely going to the highest bidder

    Buyer beware, 3 tackles a game and 15 times he runs out of his gap…and the play

    BA trying to change the D culture in Tampa, no more apologies for sacks, no more Mr Nice Guy

    enter Suh…

  5. If they knew they were cutting McCoy, they should have drafted Ed Oliver. Devin White will be good but it’s much harder to find a pass rushing DT than a good LB

  6. Come on. Bengals dont pay one year rents. Its their history. Look at all their players on their last year of their contracts. AJ Green comes to mind. No way they sign this guy.

  7. As a long time Bengal fan this headline is a knee slapper….it will never happen! They won’t pay his worth and don’t know how to impress all pro caliber players to play for them!!

  8. The Browns have a league leading $56 Million Dollars in cap space so go get this man Mr. Dorsey and let’s win now before we have to really pay out these good players.

  9. Well if all he wants is to make the playoffs he should really choose the Patriots, or maybe the Colts since the AFC South is generally an easy division. But for all those who want to bash the Bengals, why aren’t you bashing the Browns? The Browns make headlines but they haven’t done anything yet. And you have to remember the Bengals have been better the past 3 seasons than the Colts were in the 3 previous seasons they missed the playoffs. The Bengals had to rebuild their OL, and had a ton of injuries, but before they lost their star WR and QB, they were on pace to make the playoffs last season. Besides, everyone blamed Marvin Lewis, and he’s gone now, so all the Bengals problems are solved. 😉 McCoy isn’t nearly as good as Geno Atkins, but to rotate with him and play along side him would be very interesting, I could see a healthy competition between the two as to who makes the bigger plays. And if McCoy wants to prove something, what better place than playing in Atkins slot on a DL built around him.

  10. Colts would prob pay a bit more than Browns. Pats would prob only offer a 1yr prove-it deal and don’t have all that much spare dough anyway (and may still be after Vike’s TE Rudolph).

  11. tylawspick6 says:
    May 22, 2019 at 7:42 pm
    Why he wouldn’t go the Pats is beyond me.
    Because he has morals and standards?

  12. Pats only have about 6 mil in cap room, but could make more with a Brady extension. Between, need, scheme fit, cap room, contender, etc, McCoy and the Colts seem like the perfect fit.

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