Report: Browns have “inquired” about Gerald McCoy

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Before the Buccaneers released defensive tackle Gerald McCoy this week, there were reports that the Browns had shown interest in bringing him to Cleveland.

That interest has not waned since McCoy hit the open market. Mary Kay Cabot of reports that the team has “inquired” about McCoy’s interest in joining the team for the 2019 season.

Cabot notes that Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham responded to a social media posting about McCoy’s release by calling for the 2010 first-round pick to come to Cleveland. He’s likely not the only one around the team to feel that way, although McCoy will likely have other suitors for his services.

If McCoy does come to Cleveland, he’d join Olivier Vernon and Sheldon Richardson in new additions to a defensive line that already featured Myles Garrett.

10 responses to “Report: Browns have “inquired” about Gerald McCoy

  1. Give him what TB is giving Suh……1 year 10 mil…..almost too old to be “productive” in the trenches anymore. Anymore than a one year deal with big money guaranteed, and I smell an injury on its way

  2. This is why the Browns are not going to be good. They look to acquire any and every all star who becomes available without any notion as to whether these guys will mesh.

  3. The Browns are doing the OPPOSITE of MoneyBall. I am guessing they will be good (10 wins maybe), but the news coming out of this club all year will be priceless. Then they implode when new Contracts and extensions are offered and that will be even more fun to watch. Another tested theory of signing too many All-Stars and Self-appointed Stars. You simply can’t pay everyone. I give this 2 years.

  4. At the right price could be a value add. Cleveland is an awesome city and the fans deserve a good team. They are really fortunate with cap space as they have the most expensive positions (qb, de, cb) on rookie deals for several years that won’t eat up their cap space. The have room and carryovers. Masterful management and 5 years before issues pop up – plenty of time to prepare.

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