Seahawks sign D.K. Metcalf

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The Seahawks are down to one unsigned draft pick.

Second-round wide receiver D.K. Metcalf is the latest member of their 2019 draft class to agree to a deal. The team announced that Metcalf signed his four-year rookie contract on Wednesday.

Metcalf made waves in the pre-draft process due to his build and his strong performance at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Those things helped outweigh questions raised by his trouble staying healthy while at Ole Miss.

The wideout drew good reviews from head coach Pete Carroll for his work at rookie minicamp earlier this month and he should have every opportunity to take on a big role in a receiver group that no longer has Doug Baldwin at the top of the depth chart.

Third-round linebacker Cody Barton is the only Seahawks pick without a contract.

11 responses to “Seahawks sign D.K. Metcalf

  1. Next receiver they will pursue is Percy Harvin. One year deal, league minimum, with a bottle of aspirin as signing bonus.

  2. DK should be good for 7 Td’s with the most accurate deep ball passer in the NFL. Give him 50 yds a game or 800 for the season.

    With Dougie being waived, this opens up DK to have a paramount impact from week 1. The only receiver on the roster is smurf Lockett.

    DK for ROY has merit, even for Hawk haters to ponder.

  3. I’m sure he was ecstatic to be drafted by the team with the worst offensive coordinator in the league. Maybe his superior blocking skills will help them on those draw plays on 3rd and 7.

  4. I still am amazed at how fast the draft picks are signed these days. The CBA positively impacted this process. That will be a spot that the owners will insist be maintained in the next CBA. Current NFL players making a stand for incoming players, not yet in the Union? My guess……strict parameters for rookie drafted players remains unscathed in the next CBA.

  5. This dude is going to take the top off a defense. Wilson has a guy that he can just chuck it up to. 6’3″, 228 lbs, 35″ arms, 4.33 40, 40.5″ vertical. Sick. He only runs 4 routes? Ok…those are probably the only 4 Seattle wants him to run anyway. One of those is a nice corner fade inside the 10. Wilson has been waiting for a weapon like this his entire pro career.

  6. I want to see something different. All 32 team fan bases get excited during this down time over their rookies. I want to see Pete turn over a new leaf and not start September looking like dogmeat and fizzle out in the playoffs due to being ultra conservative. It’s like Groundhog Day with Carroll’s Seahawks. If Green Bay hadn’t choked away the second half in the NFCC game, mostly what we have is a ultra conservative team that can’t win in the divisional rd or beyond on the road. Metcalf might be the answer to a new dimension…..but I will believe it when I see it.

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