Tyrann Mathieu’s lawyer: He was victimized by family members

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A day after a relative of Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu was arrested and charged with trying to extort him, Mathieu’s lawyer released a statement saying multiple family members were in on the scheme.

Attorney Scott Rosenblum says Mathieu’s relatives told him they would falsely accuse him of crimes if he didn’t pay them.

“Mr. Mathieu contacted me at the direction of his rep, Denise White, to advise and assist him as he was being victimized by malevolent family members,” Rosenblum said. “Once Mr. Mathieu decided to stop assisting these individuals financially, they turned to harassment, slander and extortion in their quest to gain financially. Their slanderous comments are wholly without merit and were designed to be outrageous enough to secure their outrageous demand of $25 million. Mr. Mathieu is a victim of an unscrupulous shakedown. He is a victim of a crime which he reported to the authorities and the authorities took immediate action. He simply refused to compromise his integrity and cow tow to this criminal conduct.”

Mathieu contacted police on April 24 and gave them evidence that a relative named Geourvon Sears had been threatening and extorting him. Sears was arrested and released on bond yesterday.

13 responses to “Tyrann Mathieu’s lawyer: He was victimized by family members

  1. There will always be blood-sucking family and friends. I know they have seminars on how the athletes can deal with these situations,but its still tough to say no to people who have been part of your life. Especially for those young men who grew up in poverty.

  2. Buy your parents a house and pay off your sibling’s college or debt or something of that nature. These family members are sick individuals. I bet they have criminal history too because smart people would not make such egregious demands and expect to get away with it.

  3. The demands the family put on the successful member of the family can be unbearable. Its little wonder some have to simply cut ties with family and friends to escape the leeches. It’s a cruel world behind the scenes.

  4. I rarely empathize with these guys when it comes to their money but what a horrible situation to be in. Truly sux…

  5. Now he doesn’t need an excuse to avoid them , and can keep his coin in his pocket , were it belongs .

  6. xofdallas says:
    May 22, 2019 at 7:09 pm
    I’ve got a feeling there’s a lot of this going on that we never see.

    Yep – I think it’s pretty constant. I’ve read things from players who weren’t stars by any means who said that basically everyone around them – family, friends, friends of family, family of friends, acquaintances, etc. – everyone expected them to pay for everything, always. Bernie Kosar said he saw at one point – years after his career had ended – that he was paying the monthly cell phone bill for 45 people.

    Some of these guys – players and former players – should band together and start like a “player’s bank”. They checks go in and the money is controlled by financial advisers. That way they can’t just hand it out to everyone holding out their hand.

    It’s got to be tough. I’m sure a lot of players want to help friends and family as much as they can, but they can’t pay for the entire family tree to retire and live like the Kardashians.

    From what I understand Mathieu has turned his life around and he’s a good guy. Too bad his family are terrible. Some of them, anyway.

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