49ers fear broken collarbone for Jimmie Ward

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The 49ers may have lost an important player on their defense today.

San Francisco safety Jimmie Ward was hurt diving for a ball at Organized Team Activities, and the 49ers fear he broke his collarbone, NFL Network reports.

The team will have more information after Ward undergoes X-rays.

The 49ers’ 2014 first-round draft pick, Ward has had bad luck with injuries. In each of the last two years his season ended in November when he broke his arm.

Collarbone injuries can vary in how long they take to heal, but a broken collarbone in May could heal in time for Ward to be on the field when the season starts in September.

25 responses to “49ers fear broken collarbone for Jimmie Ward

  1. Guaranteed he’s not the last ‘Jimmy’ wearing a 9’ers jersey with second consecutive season ending injury in 2019…

  2. Most people dont know or try to disregard the proven salary cap cheating SFO was proven to have engaged in during the Walsh years. Absolutely taints the wins.

    But, nothing more egregious than a decade of proven Pats cheating.

  3. I hate reading about injuries during OTA’s, or mini camps – for any team.
    There are enough injuries during training camps and preseason games to whittle down rosters-before we even sniff the start of the season.

  4. He has trouble staying healthy, and even when healthy he has not performed like a pro bowler. In fact, Eric Reid would have been a better choice as safety than Ward, but the 49ers let Reid go.

  5. Is anyone surprised? I mean really? This guy stays hurt. Wards a big loss for the 49ers to as they made the mistake of depending on him for this season. The secondary is a patchwork job that isn’t good anyways so i’m sure they’ll find some sort of quick fix in the way of a well past his prime street F/A.

  6. @u4iadman – Salary cap did not exist during the Walsh era. smh. In fact the cap was most likely implemented because of how the niners operated..

  7. All I want to know is how Jimmie “Unbreakable” Ward’s agent somehow talked the Niners into giving him another $5M for this upcoming season. I’m actually kind of surprised Ward didn’t poke himself in the eye with the pen or get a paper cut while signing the contract.

  8. Ha, there was NO salary cap when Bill Walsh won 4 Super Bowls. Where do people get this stuff? (But there also wasn’t the kind of revenue disparity between NFL teams back then that currently exists in Major League Baseball.)

    The 49ers were deemed guilty of making “unspoken agreements” and such in violation of cap rules in 1997- a year in which they didn’t make it to the Super Bowl.

    The 49ers’ only Super Bowl victory in the salary cap era came in 1995. The New York Times did a report on how the 49ers put together that roster under existing cap rules, it’s called “How the 49ers Beat the Salary Cap,” Barra, 1995.

    But, if it really makes you feel better to put an asterisk next to the 49ers Deion Sanders Super Bowl victory, go ahead!

  9. Corrections, re: 49ers- there were 3 Super Bowl victories for Bill Walsh in the era before the cap, and 1 with George Seifert.

    And instead of “unspoken agreements” – I should’ve typed “verbal agreements” – terms allegedly agreed to that weren’t put in contracts.

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