Adam Gase: “Ridiculous” to suggest Jets will trade Le’Veon Bell


Chatter emerged in recent days that the Jets could trade running back Le'Veon Bell, either before the 2019 season or after it concludes. Coach Adam Gase was asked about the first possibility when meeting with reporters on Thursday, and he described it in two words.

“That’s ridiculous,” Gase said.

Gase pointed out that the question of whether he and former G.M. Mike Maccagnan disagreed on the magnitude of the contract given to Bell is different from the question of whether they disagreed on adding Bell to the team. Gase emphasized that Bell is a “great person,” who has been in “constant contact” with Gase regarding Bell’s offseason training regimen.

“The contract was what it was,” Gase said. “Everybody can criticize contracts all you want. He’s here. I’m excited, the players are excited, the coaches are excited.”

Gase said he’s anxious to get Bell into the New York offense.

“What else can we do with him?” Gase said. “What hasn’t he done? What else can he be great at?”

Pressed on whether the Jets overpaid for Bell, Gase said, “No.” But he had to say that, regardless of what he truly believes. If he had said otherwise, the back page of the tabloids would have featured on Friday an image of Bell rolling in coins and Gase rolling his eyes and a double-entendre headline that may or may not have been funny.

By the way, the Jets did overpay for Bell, because no one else was making offers in the same range as the Jets. Duped into thinking the Ravens were in it (they never were), the cash and cap space burned a hole in Maccagnan’s pocket, to Bell’s benefit.

19 responses to “Adam Gase: “Ridiculous” to suggest Jets will trade Le’Veon Bell

  1. He has a history of letting go of players that he don’t like or don’t like him…. He is sensitive that way….

  2. The Jets are like the Titanic a few moments before it hit the iceberg. Gase is not going to take them anywhere but out of playoff contention

  3. In that same facility we heard someone utter the phrase… we didn’t sign him to trade him. That player is now traded. Sorry if I don’t believe you.

  4. Trade him for what? He’s not tradeable! LOL!

    Why are people so dumb?

    The guy has not played in over a year, been to a camp, played in a preseason, is over-weight, and is wildly expensive, AFTER a draft where you can plug and play RBs.

  5. I thought ridiculous was the normal course of business for the Jets, they did hire Gase.

    There is always a more stupid owner and desperate GM, so don’t count out a trade.

  6. How odd… this how the estranged Jay Ajayi, Jarvis Landry and Devante Parker scenarios all began AND the season is not even close. Enjoy it Jets Fans!!! We have our own problems in Miami but sitting back with popcorn for this fun. Gase is a disaster and will not hold up to the NY Media scrutiny.

  7. Jets are having buyers remorse. Bell and Mosley will be gone
    first chance it makes financial sense to cut them.

  8. LB hasn’t played in over a year. Bell out with Hammy or ACL (take your pick) in the next 30 days,cashing guaranteed checks while sipping a Mai Tai in Hawaii and sending post cards to Gase… “doing great! Glad you’re not here!” or “I thought my offseason training would have prevented this… my bad!… can I get some more pineapple in the next round?”

    Miami fan here since 1970 (hard to admit)… Gase abdicated the defense while he was here in Miami… to two no name defensive coaches (Vance Joseph and Matt Burke). You can check the stats… How are they doing? I don’t need to repeat the problem. Worst in the league (or close).

    Abused Tannehill, Drake and what the hell is Devante Parker still doing in the league?

    Good riddance. Bell and Mosley will disappoint at the price that was paid. Not that they aren’t good players… but “Great” REALLY? About two years ago, a top back could expect $3.5 M per year … tops! Jay Ajai was the first back with three 200 years game in a year since when? Not a huge fan of Ajai, but defenses had to account for him. First time in a long time had an Miami offensive player could dictate the game. Landry…etc. what the hell? Where are those guys?

    Gurley (and the Patriots) are proof that the RB position is not worth the money. JESTs just parked a bunch of salary cap in a player that will be on IR for 2019. Write It Down.

    Love it when the JESTs continue to mess up worse than the “Phins”. Misery loves company!

    Nest year. the JESTS are in salary cap hell if they don’t produce, Miami is in the catbird seat if they can find a quarterback… Maybe Vegas can project some odds on that (not good)?

    Love the game.


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