Bucs, Ndamukong Suh agree to one-year, $9.25 million contract

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The Buccaneers and Ndamukong Suh have come to a deal.

Suh and the Bucs have finalized a one-year, $9.25 million contract with another $750,000 in incentives, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Even if Suh hits all the incentives, he’d cost the Buccaneers $3 million less than Gerald McCoy, the defensive tackle the Bucs cut this week, was slated to make this season. So for the Buccaneers, moving on from McCoy to Suh represents a significant savings.

The question now will be whether McCoy can get a better deal from some other team than Suh got from McCoy’s old team. McCoy won’t be able to find anyone willing to pay him that $13 million he was slated to get from the Bucs, but he might be able to find a team willing to pay him $10 million.

Suh was the highest-rated free agent in our PFT Top 100. With Suh off the board, the highest-rated player now is No. 40, former Packers defensive tackle Muhammad Wilkerson.

30 responses to “Bucs, Ndamukong Suh agree to one-year, $9.25 million contract

  1. I just don’t get it. Playing next to the most disruptive DT league has seen in years, he was meh for 80% of the games. How/why would you bring him in for over $9M?

  2. His best days were in Detroit. Miami ruined him with horrible coaching. Somewhere in Miami he lost a step. Still can be disruptive but just fewer snaps than before.

  3. Bucs carry zero McCoy money. If you look at the stats, they are about even, the bigger difference here is attitude. The Fanbase and the coaching staff got sick of watching McCoy dance on the sidelines when he’s down by three touchdowns. He was a major part of the losing culture, things needed to get tougher in Tampa and they did.

  4. So, the Bucs thought their most talented, highest paid defensive lineman wasn’t giving them a full effort all the time and to solve the problem they replaced him with Suh, a very talented, highly paid lineman who has a long history of not giving a full effort. Okay.

  5. You get the feeling Suh was holding out the past few days for closer to 14 million, and the Bucs finally said take it or leave it. Suh cannot be happy.

  6. Actually, the Batman comic carrying, kimono wearing GMC had worn out his welcome. BA isn’t into allowing soft players on the roster -he wants thumpers and GMC does NOT fit that mold

    Suh is but a stop gap, cheaper, meaner, bigger, and better skilled for Bowles system

    That is all

  7. Sorry Tampa fans, what you will get is a player that will only play full speed when it is time to get a new contract which means a few games towards the end of the season. He is way past his prime and nowhere near worth 10m
    Keep in mins he played next to Donald all season and was never dominant. Definitely top 10 DLTin the league when he wants to be. If LA Rams thought he was worth it they would of kept him around. That is a definition of a “sign” that it was not a great addition to the team.

  8. All you naysayers keep saying he is washed up and takes plays off and bucs are dumb for signing him. He is 2nd in tackles for defensive lineman in last 5 years. So what does that say him giving it his all for half a game is better than every other defensive lineman except one going hard all game. I will take it all day as a bucs fan. All you people that are hating are just mad your team didn’t sign him. Because you all know suh just brings that old school no one wants to play against him mentality that every fan wishes there players had.

  9. Just a stop gap measure for this season. Not a ton of expectations. He’s cheaper than what McCoy would have cost and doesn’t feel the need to apologize to opposing players after hitting them. I’m okay with this.

  10. This guy is a joke on and off the field. One of the dirtiest players in the league who shouldn’t be allowed to set foot on a field. Zero respect for this clown.

  11. He’s done.. there’s a reason the Rams no longer needed his services not because he disappeared in the SB he just lost his drive and now its all about one last BIG pay check every year until he hangs up his cleats.

  12. I expected a LOT more from him in LA.
    He is another one who can’t be bothered to put in a full effort.
    I mean it is only 10M for 1/2 a years work.

  13. silvernblackpride says:
    May 24, 2019 at 7:58 am
    He’s done.. there’s a reason the Rams no longer needed his services


    Yeah because they are out of money and need to figure out how to pay Goff

  14. For the sheer physical presence Suh brings to the table, he sure hasn’t lived up to the hype. He’s a man among boys even in the NFL and he’s never been half the player a guy like Donald is. He could’ve been the best d-lineman ever.

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