Jamie Collins was surprised to hear from Patriots

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Thursday was a day for returning members of the Patriots to meet with the media as tight end Benjamin Watson and linebacker Jamie Collins both spoke to reporters as the OTA period continued in New England.

Collins was traded from the Patriots to the Browns in 2016 and returned to his first NFL team after Cleveland released him earlier this year. Collins was asked if there were any bad feelings about the end of his initial run with the team and said he doesn’t “live in the past,” but was surprised to hear from the Patriots.

“I was surprised,” Collins said, via Zach Cox of NESN.com. “But then again, I wasn’t, because I’m just a free agent, so obviously a lot of teams are going to contact you or whatever. That’s just the business of the game. I’m always surprised no matter what. I’m surprised right now just being in the position.”

Collins said that his history with the team played a “big factor” in deciding to return to New England and that it is “even more fun” to be on the team now that former teammate Jerod Mayo is one of the team’s assistant coaches.

9 responses to “Jamie Collins was surprised to hear from Patriots

  1. If he keeps his head down and works hard like the kid they drafted look out that kid was a monster.

  2. He learned. I read that he said that he freelanced to get his tackle total up to help him in FA. BB sees something in him, hope he sees the same thing.

  3. Dude’s a professional slacker, but now that the genius has taken him back, he’ll undoubtedley have a better year than Khalil Mack. Quite frankly, I was going to be surprised if he heard from ANYONE.

  4. So when he played for the Pats on his rookie deal, he was getting paid 1.25 mil/year. After the trade to the Browns he got a new deal for 12.5 mil/yr. I think it’s safe to say the Patriots never disliked Collins per se, it was just a classic case of them not wanting to pay that kind of money for him. Meanwhile they apparently had enough depth to let him go early and get draft capital in exchange. It’s great that BB has the luxury of job security that he can play the long game like that. Collins is talented, good to have him at the right price again.

  5. he has to focus on just earning a roster spot like everyone else at foxboro. bill has no eat, ride, and watch.

  6. “Pats fans singing a different tune now than when they traded him.”

    Of course they are – it’s a different movement. But the tune being sung now – “still physically talented, hopefully he’s matured and if he’ll stop freelancing he can be an asset” – isn’t discordant in the slightest with the tune they sung then – “he’s tremendously physically gifted, but he’s freelancing too much and getting himself out of position, and someone’s going to pay him far more than he’s worth as a result of it.” Two different movements from the same work.

    Will this be a good return? Who knows? But it’s probably worth noting that since that trade that Patriots’ fans accepted as a reasonable move, the team has been to three-out-of-three Super Bowls, and won two of them, so it’s hard to argue that the tune they were singing in 2016 wasn’t exactly the right one…

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