Lamar Jackson: I need to focus on everything


Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is learning a new offense, getting to know new teammates and working to improve his ability as a passer, so there’s a lot for him to keep tabs on as the team moves through organized team activities.

Jackson admitted as much when he spoke to reporters on Thursday and said that he needs “to focus on everything” as long as the offense remains a work in progress. Jackson believes that it is very much a work in progress right now.

“I’d say my first day, I sucked,” Jackson said, via the team’s website. “Second day, I did better. Today was alright, but it could have been better. I always try to be perfect in practice. It was alright for the first week.”

Jackson spent time before the preseason program throwing at home as he tries to improve on the 58.2 percent completion percentage he posted as a rookie and said on Thursday that he needs “to get that spiral tighter” in order to make the strides needed this year. That will be one of several things Jackson is paying attention to over the next few weeks.

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  1. I’m pulling for this guy.

    Everyone seems to give Josh Allen a pass for his accuracy due to his receivers but the Bills were in the middle of the pack in drops. Also, if you look at Josh Allen’s adjusted completion percentage which factors in drops his completion percentage was still way below league average. And honestly when I watched the Bills he held the ball way too long or he saw a ghost and started to scramble, which ended up in a high pressure/sack rate because he refuses to look down field when he’s on the move.

  2. This guy is going to see nothing but zone defenses ready to tackle him as soon as he takes off.

  3. We can literally count on one hand the number passes Jackson Jackson completed that were both outside the numbers and more than 20 yards downfield. Five (5). That’s the area he needs to make quantum improvement.

  4. Embrace bringing the game back to run, defense, controlling clock. Win super bowl. Give finger to rest of the league

  5. This dude is never going to be a good NFL passer, he’s just not. Now that teams know Lamar and what Baltimore wants to do I fear things could get ugly this season. If the Ravens wanted a dual threat QB with elite speed who is a pocket passer first but who can run if wants or needs to they should of just waited and drafted either Kyler Murray or Tua next year. Both are going to be 100X s the QB that Lamar ever will be due to his limitations as a passer.

  6. Love watching Lamar. Unfortunately, the NFL stands for Not For Long. These Ds lick their chops every time he takes off running. One of these times, they’ll get him just like Baltimore hit RG3 several years ago.

    Let’s hope his completion percentage improves and his pocket runs are limited.

  7. If Lamar Jackson cannot become an accurate passer, then he is a bust. Period. After all his guaranteed money is paid, let him go and find another QB who is an accurate passer. Should this happen, the Ravens should need to clean house. Start with GM Eric DeCosta, replacing him with someone who understands today’s NFL is a passing league, not a run-first league. He has too many old ideas left over from retired GM Ozzie Newsome. Then let Johh Harbaugh and his staff go, replacing them with a staff who understands today’s game.

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