Lions postseason victory drought reaches 10,000 days

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In 2016, the Lions commemorated the 25th anniversary of their last playoff win, which may not have been the best way to deal with a quarter of a century without a postseason victory. Today, the Lions can celebrate another milestone related to futility beyond Week 17.

It’s been 10,000 days since the Lions last won a playoff game. Via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, the win came on January 5, 1992, against the Cowboys. (The following week, the Lions lost to Washington in the NFC Championship.)

Birkett takes a closer look at the various struggles during the streak. The common thread through the past 10,000 days has been a culture that has tolerated mediocrity. That seems to be changing, assuming that the current leaders of the football operation will be able to push back against 28 years and counting of not good enough being good enough to maintain a status quo that has yielded nothing more than periodic one-and-done playoff appearances.

Some think that nothing will change the Lions. A PFT Live clip from last week generated plenty of buzz for Big Cat’s outright dismissal of the notion that people are sleeping on the long-slumbering collection of big cats.

There’s nevertheless reason to think that things could be changing, beyond the law of averages. The question is whether an organization that has moved far too slowly to make major changes in the past will stick with the current effort to break from the habit of piecing together a 9-7 record once every few years and to become a team that consistently generates double-digit wins.

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  1. The Packers kept us from being 4-12 last year. We can’t keep expecting to sweep an Aaron Rodgers led team so they better find a way to split against the Bears and Vikes this year. Not gonna be easy the way their defenses have owned us, especially Minny’s. People are definitely sleeping on the Lions and I have no doubt their defense will be top 5 this year. That can take them a long way regardless of how poor the offense is, and even that unit should improve from worst in the league.

  2. It isn’t going to get better as the new coach is trying to bring the Patriot way by signing guys that that Patriots have cut. If you don’t see the folly in that you don’t understand what makes the Patriots good. They cut old players instead of over paying for them.

  3. The changes really need to come at the QB position. Stafford is good a raking up stats b/c he’s always in 4th quarter comeback mode, but he’s had a long time to show what he can do and hasn’t capitalized. His salary is wayyyyyyyy too much for actual performance. I know they are trying to build the team in that Patriots mold, but Stafford is no Brady leading the team (and I’m an Eagles fan).

  4. “The common thread through the past 10,000 days has been a culture that has tolerated mediocrity.”

    That’s because the Ford’s are among the worst owners in the NFL. The sole concern they have is collecting the huge TV deal checks while giving the rubes just enough lip service to keep them coming to the games and being Lions fans. They care nothing about actually competing for a Super Bowl, just laughing all the way to the bank and living the most opulent lifestyle imaginable.

  5. At least they didn’t hang up a “10 thousand days of hope” banner like the Colts would have.

  6. “Remember when the Lions made the playoffs a few years back and Lions fans became the biggest trash talkers around?”

    Actually I don’t, because it didn’t happen. We wouldn’t take a game against a high school team for granted, so there’s no way in the world we would talk trash after backing into the playoffs.

  7. coats2m says:
    May 23, 2019 at 12:27 pm

    We might not have won a playoff game in 10,000 days, but it’s been 872 days since we’ve lost to the Packers 😀

    And now I see we’ve become the Super Bowl barometer for yet another team in the division.
    Oh well, so be it.

    On a side note: it’s been 15,500 days since the Vikings last Super Bowl appearance.
    You all remember when Disco ruled the airwaves, don’t you?

  8. SWFLPC.INC says:
    May 23, 2019 at 1:02 pm
    What is the count on the # of days since the Vikings have won a SB?


    Quite a bit lower than since the Lions have.

  9. Don’t sleep on this team. They have the talent on offense now to be very good. defensively, they have talent but they need a spark. i said the same thing about the bears defense a year ago (just need a spark)…and they got it.

    This team should trade for Chris Harris Jr. I think they should even flirt with the idea of trading for Von Miller. Either of those two guys will provide a spark this team needs.

  10. “You all remember when Disco ruled the airwaves, don’t you?”

    I do actually.


  11. hahahahahahaha!

    62 years of failure!

    #OnePlayoffWinIn62Years!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLions!!!

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