Antonio Brown wants someone to cut the grass at his house in Pittsburgh

Getty Images

The grass may be greener in Oakland, but it’s getting longer in Pittsburgh.

Former Steelers receiver Antonio Brown‘s house is for sale. And he apparently didn’t make the appropriate arrangements to have a lawn service keep the grass, you know, cut.

Via KDKA-TV, former Sunkist CEO Don Binotto tweeted a request for Brown to get the grass cut. Brown responded by asking Binotto to do it.

“Can you be a Good Samaritan and do me a solid cut my grass that’s my other property up for sell in PA!” Brown tweeted. “Wow is it really good people in the world like this! Send me cash app #BusinessBoomin #MoTheLawn.”

Brown made it clear via another tweet that he was willing to pay for the favor, but it would have made a lot more sense for Brown to have made arrangements to have someone cut the grass during grass-cutting seasons. For people with enough money to own houses in cities other than the cities where they live, it’s a matter of basic courtesy and consideration for those who actually live close to a house where the owner doesn’t.