Carson Wentz taking a longer view as he comes back from injury


Carson Wentz hasn’t been able to finish either of the last two seasons because of injuries, and he watched his backup lead his team to a Super Bowl title during one of them.

So it stands to reason that he’d be in a hurry to get caught up. But the Eagles quarterback said the time on the sidelines has taught him the value of stopping to take a breath, to balance his desire to do extra work with taking a longer view of his career.

As a competitor, you want to take every rep, you want to do this, you want to do that,” Wentz said, via Reuben Frank of “But at the same time you just stay the course. I feel very confident where I’m at and I feel like I’ve learned a lot through these [injuries] to not be my worst enemy and listen to advice along the way. . . .

“It’s just kind of how I was wired and everything, being from North Dakota, smaller school and all those things. You want to work, work, work and push, push, push, and there are just times where you just need to tone it down a little bit. But it’s been a good process the last few years — unfortunately — going through this, but I feel good with where I am today.”

Wentz resumed practicing “without limitations” this week, and said he felt “strong.” His back injury from last year has healed, and he ditched the knee brace he wore after the torn ACL in 2017.

And he hopes he has a healthier perspective on things now, now that he’s finally healthy.