Gerald McCoy wraps up visit with Browns; Ravens up next

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Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy has wrapped up his first visit with a team since being released by the Buccaneers.

McCoy was in Cleveland to meet with the Browns on Friday and Mary Kay Cabot of reports that the visit has come to an end. Cabot adds that talks about a contract will continue.

Talks will also presumably continue with other teams. There’s been a report that McCoy has drawn interest from 10 teams and other reports have put clubs like the Ravens, Bengals, Panthers and Colts in that group.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reports McCoy is scheduled to visit with the Ravens on Tuesday after going home for Memorial Day weekend.

NFL Research noted on Friday that signing McCoy would give the Browns four former Pro Bowlers on their defensive line with Myles Garrett, Olivier Vernon and Sheldon Richardson already in place. The 2018 Jaguars, that 1982-83 Cowboys, 1980 Rams and 1970-74 Vikings have also entered seasons with four Pro Bowlers on their defensive line.

7 responses to “Gerald McCoy wraps up visit with Browns; Ravens up next

  1. If McCoy turns this into a long, drawn-out affair when he keeps visiting more teams and asking for more money he will find teams dropping out fast. It’s already a stretch to pay a 30+ defensive tackle over 10 million.

  2. I think McCoy wants to be part of a team that he thinks can win it all. He also wants to feel comfortable with the coaching staff and the players. It’s not about the money. Like anyone else, he’ll take the visits and then make his decision base on what he sees and feels about that team.

  3. If the 11MM offers are NOT just agent speak, then the Pats won’t be involved in this process.
    But it’s hard to figure why a team or teams would offer that much and risk not getting him, when for 2MM more and a 6th round pick they could have traded for him directly and take the guess work out of it.

    McCoy has pocketed over 100MM ALREADY in his career, so I think teams like the Bengals, Ravens and Browns aren’t really on his short list even though he will take visits to prime the market.

    The Pats are a possibility if winning is truly his major focus, but they don’t have a lot of cap room, so I can’t see them giving him anything more than $8MM/yr. For that reason, the Colts look like a likely landing spot. They have the need. They have a proven QB and solid D. They will likely win their division. AND they have plenty of cap space to give McCoy a $10+MM deal Unfortunately for the Pats he’s be taking a SIGNIFICANT discount to come to NE. That’s a VERY rare occurance in the NFL.

  4. If McCoy really cared about a ring over salary he wouldn’t be meeting with the team’s he is. No problem with him chasing the most money he can get but he is obviously being dishonest about what his true focus is. Just say your payday is the most important thing to you. The only shame he deserves is being dishonest about it

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