Jets ask to speak with Champ Kelly for G.M. opening

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The Jets are trying to find a General Manager to pair with Adam Gase, and they want to talk to a guy with ties to their coach from his days with Denver.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Jets have asked to speak with Bears assistant director of player personnel Champ Kelly.

Kelly worked with Gase in Denver, and has been with the Bears the last two seasons.

They’ve also asked for permission to speak with Eagles vice president of player personnel Joe Douglas, who was one of the first names linked to the job.

17 responses to “Jets ask to speak with Champ Kelly for G.M. opening

  1. This is a perfect job opportunity for someone. The Jets have a young elite QB who’s coming off his rookie season and still has 4 years remaining on his rookie contract. They have two of the best D-Linemen to come out of college in the last ten years, and one of the best DB’s in the last decade. This team is ready to win right away, and ready to contend for a title. They’re loaded with talent and should have plenty of cap space due to the age of their elite players. Dream job!

  2. In Champ We Trust?

    Can probably get a good buy on some green and white ICWT logo merchandise from suppliers in Philadelphia…

  3. Why wouldn’t the Jets consider Scott Pioli who is from the metropolitan NYC area, is very experienced, and knows the AFC East since he was the GM in New England for years? One might think he would be the perfect candidate. Unless of course what you’re really looking for someone who will be subordinate to Adam Gase.

  4. Makes sense, but I’m starting to think Peyton Manning was the reason for Denver’s sudden success during that time period. And Pioli does make more sense. Heck, if you’re gonna go after the Patriots, it only makes sense to hire folks who worked for the Patriots. Miami did, and so should the Jets. Bills too.

  5. The guy who said the jets have an elite qb must be sharing his stash with donovan mcnabb

  6. They need to find a GM that is not a friend of Gase. Three or two years down the road if this team is only winning a handful of games the GM will need to fire Gase.Being a fan I hope it all works out and I agreed that Mac had to go. Gase has to prove to me he is a good coach.

  7. matt14gg says:
    May 25, 2019 at 1:06 pm
    An adult named “Champ”…seriously?

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    Nickname? And I’m fine with him as long as his name reflects the team!

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