John Dorsey urges Browns fans: “Don’t believe the hype”


The Browns are less than 17 months removed from an 0-16 finish. But times have changed dramatically in Cleveland, starting with the arrival of quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Last season’s spike to 7-8-1, fueled by the early-season firing of coach Hue Jackson and the emergence of Mayfield, has energized a long-suffering fan base. Throw in the offseason arrival of receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and running back Kareem Hunt and the Friday visit from free-agent defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, and Browns fans have something that they haven’t had in a long, long time: Genuine hope.

On one hand, the team needs to embrace it, because it sells tickets and hats and jerseys, and it gets people to spend their time consuming media offerings from companies owned and/or operated by the team. On the other hand, it raises the bar for a franchise that had grown accustomed to seeing the bar buried in the mud along the banks of the Cuyahoga River.

As a result, coach Freddie Kitchens and G.M. John Dorsey have been trying to get people to dial in their expectations. On Thursday, Dorsey tried it again while addressing the crowd at an event commemorating the league’s decision to grant the 2021 draft to Cleveland.

Don’t believe the hype,” Dorsey said, via Zac Jackson of

It’s way too late for that. The hype has arrived, fueled by last year’s finish and this year’s all-in move to make the team even better. Sure, it would be useful for the organization to have a little cover in the event that they stumble out of the gates (the opener against the Titans already has “upset” written all over it), but recent developments coupled with long-standing struggles have resulted in the fan base getting through the offseason with visions of a Super Bowl run dancing in their heads.

Nothing Dorsey or anyone else says will change that.

17 responses to “John Dorsey urges Browns fans: “Don’t believe the hype”

  1. What happens if they start 2-5 will they fire the coach again? Will OBJ go off the rails like usual and blame Baker for not getting him his numbers? This has fail written all over it

  2. Can’t believe I’m saying this but the Broqns certainly seem to be doing everything right. Solid core of young players and some vets in key roles. It’s a shame they couldn’t have done this when Joe Thomas was there.

  3. Don’t worry, Dorsey, I don’t. They may not be the same old 0-16 Browns, but they’re nowhere near where the hype is putting them.

  4. Browns fans may be setting themselves for a big disappointment. 8/9 wins. Good news is, 9 wins may win that division.

  5. Nothing to worry about. Second year QBs never struggle a bit after the league has a year to adapt to their play, so it’s nothing but smooth sailing ahead for Baker.

  6. They may be just good enough to win what has become a weak division over the past few years, but I wouldn’t expect a playoff win just yet.

  7. Mike,as a long suffering Browns fans, the analogy of the bar being buried in the mud of the Cuyahoga is awesome. It is accurate, yet fresh. Thank you for not referencing the river on fire again-stale as animosity toward hating Model for moving the team.

  8. I think a division title is well within reach. The one BIG question is how well new coach Kitchens handles the team and some pretty BIG egos. But as soon as they let Hue Jackson go, they started heading in the right direction.

  9. That’s a very Brownsian thing to say. Their roster is as good as any in the NFL. These comments make me believe Haslam is meddling again and will prevent them from winning somehow.

  10. It will come down to Baker’s leadership not Freddie Kitchens. So far Baker has shown to be a leader of men. If he can improve in year 2, sky is the limit for the Browns.

  11. How would losing to the Panthers in Carolina be an upset? They’re one year removed from finishing 11-5 and last year ended with almost the identical record as the Browns? Yea, I understand the additions change expectations but Cleveland has a new everything. I’d have to give the advantage to the Panthers in that one.

  12. Let’s see…
    The Browns are 8-39-1 for the last three years.
    Who wouldn’t see a Super Bowl coming outa that?

  13. Nothing Dorsey or anyone else says will change that?

    Sure there is. Starting with you and your media brethren. Don’t feed the hype.

    You can project optimism for the Browns and be objectively realistic at the same time.

  14. Your HC was the RB coach a year ago and he is over his head. Sure, he has a good roster but he doesn’t know how to be a HC and I think the Browns regress to 4-12 or so. It’s a shame because a good Browns team is good for the NFL and they were headed in the right direction.

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