Leonard Fournette: We’re not focused on the past

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Anyone who has used a computer or other electronic device for any period of time is familiar with rebooting it as a step toward correcting a problem.

Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette said he is taking a similar approach to moving past a disappointing 2018 season. Fournette played eight games and averaged 3.3 yards per carry as the Jaguars went from division champs to a 5-11 record.

Fournette wasn’t the only player who fell short of expectations last year and said on Friday that “everybody kind of hit the restart button” this offseason.

“It’s a new everything, clean start for a lot of us guys,” Fournette said, via WJXT. “We’re not focused on the past, the past is the past. Couple things I did this offseason, I admitted to, yeah I was wrong, but we moved on we in a good place right now.”

Offensive coordinator John DeFilippo said this week that Fournette has to be a “big part” of the team’s offensive attack this season, so anything that creates a clean break from last season will be a welcome development in Jacksonville.