Randall Cobb carrying a chip on his shoulder

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Randall Cobb didn’t say it in front of the media, and he didn’t say it to Cowboys coach Jason Garrett. But Cobb used the same words Earl Thomas did when Cobb ran into Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott at NFL Honors in February: Come get me.

“Yeah, he said that,” Prescott said. “It’s interesting looking back, and now that I’ve had a couple practices in with him, he’s an incredibly smart guy. I think that’s going to be the best thing that helps him pick everything up and just get going and be a big-time player in this offense.”

The Cowboys signed Cobb in March to replace Cole Beasley in the slot.

Cobb, who played only nine games last season because of injuries, posted an Instagram story earlier this week that seemed to suggest he comes into this season with a chip on his shoulder. The photo showed him with a potato chip sitting on his shoulder.

“I’ve always got it; that’s nothing new,” Cobb said, laughing. “I’ve had a chip on my shoulder since I was 7.

“Obviously, you never want to miss games first off. You never want to not produce. As a receiver, we all want to have a hundred catches and go for 1,400 yards, but that’s not always the case. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the production I’ve had in the past. Obviously, missing games, you don’t want to miss games. I want to be on the field, and I want to provide everything I can for this team.”

Cobb’s 38 catches last season were his fewest since 2013 and his 383 yards and two touchdowns were his fewest since his rookie season of 2011. He had hamstring and concussion issues that limited him to 466 snaps.

The Cowboys like what they have seen from the healthy Cobb so far. He’s only 28 and has extra motivation to have a big season.

“I don’t think he’s lost a step,” Cowboys receivers coach Sanjay Lal said. “He has a chip on his shoulder because people think he’s washed up. Those are his words. So he did great all offseason, training. We train hard here. And he’s all in on that stuff.”

20 responses to “Randall Cobb carrying a chip on his shoulder

  1. His best days are behind him but he may have a year or two left if managed right.

  2. Man, Cobb is a class act all the way around and I’ll miss him in Green Bay. I’m not much of a fan for individual players but if I were, it would be Randall Cobb. The guy just plays – doesn’t talk crap and definitely is not a ‘me first’ guy. Cowboys are lucky to have him. The guy is really easy to pull for.

  3. I agree, Marvin. If he stays healthy, he’ll have a very good year… and if the Cowboys go “Swiss Army Knife” with him, a healthy Cobb will have a monster year.

  4. I agreed he had a BIG chip on his shoulder the last couple years. It looked like he was carrying rocks around, as slow as he was. No Separation.

  5. I loved me some Cobb early in his career and he is a great teammate. But that he may want to let the chip go as it really slowed him the last couple years.

  6. Cobb can play. The only abitity he lacks is availability.
    That could change. He’s a young guy. Just a question of whether his body betrays him and if he gets used well.

  7. When healthy he was a difference maker and someone Rodger’s trusted. Hate to see him go but it seemed like the right time.

  8. The Rogers locker room blow ups couldnt have been healthy either.
    Funny to see a Viking fan talking about imaginary locker room blow ups when his QB had a very real blow up with a receiver in front of the whole world.

  9. Nothing Ariani says makes sense. He/she is in the drivers ed of trolling. If you want to say something meaningful and relevant keep trying. When ya pass the NFL exam, step up to the big leagues but until then focus on the Vikings.

  10. Cobb was really good for a couple years in green bay. The last couple years he has been oft injured and unproductive. Maybe he makes a comeback for a season or two. Never know. Odds are he will be hurt a lot and not play much. Not practicing and not playing doesn’t make players better.

  11. I heard Cobb was releaved to get out of Green Bay because he was sick and tired of the way Rodgers would treat the young receivers.

    “Report: Aaron Rodgers made WRs choose between listening to him or Mike McCarthy”

    “When Valdes-Scantling began running the routes that were called from the sideline, Rodgers started freezing him out of the offense”

  12. Based on Cobb’s career average of 55 catches for 600 yards, hopefully he stays healthy enough to accomplish that. Class act who hopefully can be on the field more than off it from injuries.

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