Report: Gerald McCoy drawing interest from 10 teams, offers reaching $11 million a year

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Being released in May hasn’t seemingly limited the market for former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, McCoy has drawn interest from 10 teams with offers coming in up to $11 million per season. The amount of interest has reportedly “overwhelmed” McCoy and he appreciates the decision by the Glazer family to release him when they did.

McCoy will visit the Cleveland Browns on Friday. The Carolina Panthers, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts are among teams reportedly interested in McCoy as well.

While the market could have potentially been even more robust if McCoy was available during the opening stages of free agency, with ten teams vying for his services it would seem McCoy can still command a pretty lucrative deal.

McCoy racked up 54.5 sacks as an interior lineman during his nine seasons in Tampa Bay.

59 responses to “Report: Gerald McCoy drawing interest from 10 teams, offers reaching $11 million a year

  1. I suspect if he had a legitimate 11M offer, he would have already signed.

  2. Good for him, hope he ends up on a contending team after 9 years in the league.

  3. Go to a contender Gerald; go get a a ring…youve made over $100M…make it about a championship, not about money.

  4. Some sucker GM will sign and overpay him to a huge contract, only to find he’s a shell of his former self. Welcome to cap hell.

  5. If he gets more per year than Suh ..What does that say about Suh? Does that say McCoy is the better player?

  6. The Bears should release Aaron Lynch and sign McCoy. Just imagine…

  7. well, that’s interesting. what does it say if he signs for more money than suh?

  8. He’s not worth 11 million I wonder who in the heck offered him that if it’s true but he’s a nice player in the right system

  9. McCoy and Geno Atkins would make a great pair inside for the Bengals. Mark Duffner was defensive coordinator with the Bucs last year and is now a senior defensive assistant with the Bengals. Don’t count the Bengals out on this one.

  10. Good player weird that the bengals are interested what’s the point on that

  11. I hope Cleveland gets him. More high quality QB’s in the division to apologize to after not getting the tackle or sack.

  12. At this stage of his career, he might take something less than the biggest offer for a chance to play for a contender. Could see him going to Indy.

  13. How can this guy have anything left if Tampa thought Suh was a superior replacement, with minimal savings.

  14. I’ll believe it when I see it. Funny how Suh was signed by the Bucs for $10 million just yesterday….McCoy’s camp had to respond somehow.

  15. If McCoy gets $11,000,000… it ain’t gonna be from cheap Bengals owner mike brown.

  16. Good for him. Despite their cash situation and need for DT, I don’t see the Colts going that high.

  17. Are these the same teams that were interested in Le’veon Bell? How would anyone get veried information from 10 teams this fast? Sorry but no sucker here. I will believe it when I hear from the teams’ GMs or coaches.

  18. Browns wouldn’t trade for him at $13m/yr, hard to see them OK with $11m/yr for what would be a rotational player. 2019 prob the only year Browns can make it work cap wise though.

  19. As a long time suffering Bengal fan and knowing how the organization operates no way in hell he comes to Cincy it’s laughable that he even comes for a visit!

  20. As a Bucs fan, I really hope he goes to a contender so he can finally see the playoffs. Just hoping it’s not a contender in our division lol because he’ll definitely be out for revenge.

  21. Telling in two ways….1) people league wide would rather add McCoy to their team than Suh (more offers, presumably more money m

  22. For the right team, a veteran guy that can get you 6-8 sacks from the defensive interior and play the run as well as McCoy does is probably worth 10M. Doubt the Raiders are much interested, though, so good luck to Gerald wherever he goes unless it’s the AFC West.

  23. Oh, please. His agent is working overtime to try driving up the Browns offer. It must be entirely coincidental that word is not only leaking the range is $11m but also that, what do you know, bengals and ravens are hot to sign him. Better act fast Browns! Yawn.

  24. For all you saying that Gerald is making 11 million to Suh’s 9.25 million and that means Gerald must be the better player, must take into consideration that Florida has no state income tax. Plus Suh’s contract contains another 750k in incentives.

  25. If the Ravens really want him, I suspect that’s where he’s going to end up. He has evinced interest in playing for that defense before and that team is loaded with Sooners as well.

  26. I seriously doubt the Ravens would even consider him at 11M though. They have their homegrown players they would rather pay. That’s the way of that team unless of course they lose a lot of talent and Earl Thomas becomes available. The reason they won’t over pay for McCoy is they already have a stout interior D-line, and aren’t short on depth there. So McCoy is a luxury at this point.

  27. McCoy will go to the highest bidder. That’s why his agent put out that so many teams are “interested”. Problem is, not a lot of teams have room for $11M to go to a DT who has taken plays off since college and is the epitome of the losing culture in Tampa. Tampa’s defense improved the second they released him.

    I hope he chooses a market where the media will always heap praise on him and never criticize him. Poor Gerald doesn’t have the psyche to deal with anything less.

  28. This Rick Stroud not exactly going out on a limb here….11 million okay, but for how many years is the huge question, and how much garaunteed?? It’s only worth it if you think this guys going to put you over the top…

  29. The Bears should release Aaron Lynch and sign McCoy. Just imagine…
    Nope. He’s a 4-3 3-Technique while the Bears run 3-4 scheme that values DL with length and bulk. He doesn’t fit their scheme at all.

    That said, Ryan Pace has gone against traditional wisdom before…

  30. So he wants to go to another crapball franchise? Why would you do that if you’ve made 100 million being a total loser in the NFL?

    You’ve already made your money.

  31. Gerald wanted more guaranteed money. I am sure that 11 mil offer is for only 1 year prove it deal. The man is 31. I doubt he gets a multi year deal which is what he wanted in Tampa. Thats what every one is missing here. He wants a multi year deal with guarantees and he is not going to get it. He can have interest from 31 teams. But he still wont get what he really wants, a multi year deal with guaranteed money.

  32. realfootballfan says:

    May 24, 2019 at 11:41 am

    You can look at that list and figure out who the $11 mil a year team is. Cough, cough. Benggals
    Lol it’s funny when someone’s thinks their being so smart and funny yet their statement couldn’t be further from the truth. The odds that the cheap Bengals are the 11 million team is about the same odds I can flap my arms and fly.

  33. Everyone saying he should go to their team does realize his only a 3 technique in a 4-3…he was not good at all against the run last year.

  34. If one of the offers is truly in the 11 mil range per season, then you an effectively rule out at least 8 of those 10 “interested” teams.

  35. Would have been a nice guy in Seattle to help teach the young guys but not at that price.

    I suspect they were thinking more like 8 or 9 million and once it went above 10 they were out of it.

  36. Only a fool would give this guy 11 mil. But the NFL is loaded with fools.

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