Report: Raiders to “host” Packers in preseason in Winnipeg

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The summer wind is a Blue Bomber just doesn’t have the same ring to it, but the Raiders are headed to Winnipeg.

According to Jeff Hamilton of the Winnipeg Free Press, the Raiders and Packers are finalizing details to play their preseason game at Winnipeg’s IG Field this summer.

The Raiders knew it wasn’t going to be in Oakland, but were scrambling for a location and playing it in Green Bay was reportedly considered as well, along with other locations in Canada.

Winnipeg’s CFL team is on the road that week (at Edmonton, if you’re scoring at home), so there’s no schedule conflict.

“We’re optimistic that we can secure this game,” Blue Bombers senior director of public and player relations Darren Cameron said. “It’s looking good and we’re working towards that game but at this point there’s nothing more we can comment on.”

The Raiders will only play eight games in Oakland this year, since they’re also giving up a home regular season game to go to London to host the Bears.

20 responses to “Report: Raiders to “host” Packers in preseason in Winnipeg

  1. I live in Winnipeg, so I’m kinda happy. Just nice dont have to travel 8 hours to see a game even if its just pre season.


  2. Is IG Field an outdoor/open facility?

    A wiki page said was intended to be a bubble stadium but there were construction issues?

  3. raiderrawnes says:
    May 24, 2019 at 6:53 pm
    Correction. The Raiders will be playing 10 games in Oakland this season.


    Nope they go to London and Winnipeg. That leaves only 8. Its like you didnt read the article.

  4. ^^^ You’re too dense to realize he’s saying the Raiders will get a bye and host two playoff games.

  5. This should satisfy the Green Bay requirement of playing on foreign soil.


  6. Awesome for Winnipeg! These are two of the more storied franchises in NFL history. They met in Super Bowl II. It will be a good road trip for the young players.

  7. I hope the fans in Winnipeg are burning the green and gold! And yes it isn’t the roughriders! Hope they are wearing purple and yellow. Or maybe silver and black!

  8. Good grief! Viking fans thinking the good folks of Winnipeg would root or wear purple?? Come on! As a Jets fan I hate the wild and their fans too. Rather root for the packers than Minnesota.

  9. thats cool for the cheesers up there, I’m sure they’ll rock the place likes it a playoff game. I dont hate their team, I just hate theirs fans… and the their team.

    Have fun up there, eh!

  10. stellarperformance says:
    May 24, 2019 at 8:29 pm
    This should satisfy the Green Bay requirement of playing on foreign soil.
    We all know the NFL’s welfare child cant afford to miss a home game in their sorry excuse for a city.

  11. The wife and I are in Toronto for the Bucks game 6 tonight. We have always loved this city. Toronto is always a good little trip to take. We are here to get this thing back to MILWAUKEE for a game 7! #FearTheDeer

    Won’t be at the Packers pre-season game in Winnipeg but I am glad the Raiders finally finalized a location for their home pre-season game. It’s about time.👍

    Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day Weekend!🇺🇸


  12. Congratulations, Winnipeg. Rumors were swirling that you’d be getting the Vikings up there. Must feel like a blessing knowing you’ll be getting an NFL caliber team instead.

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