Steelers have practiced using James Conner, Jaylen Samuels in backfield together


As they try to replace Le'Veon Bell, the Steelers will be using multiple running backs. They may be using multiple running backs at the same time.

Via Sarah K. Spencer of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Steelers practiced this week with both James Conner (pictured) and Jaylen Samuels in the backfield at the same time.

“We did a little bit of it [last season], but we didn’t really run it in a game, so I guess this year we’re going to try and put that a little more in the offense,” Samuels said, via Spencer. “I think that could be kind of special with me and [Conner] in the backfield. Me and him in the game, period. We’re just building on from that right now. . . . He’s more of a runner and a catcher, as well, but I can get outside and run routes, as well. To have that dual threat with me and him in the game, it could be really scary for defenses.”

Conner, who emerged last year as a potent offensive weapon during Bell’s full-season holdout, looks forward to being on the field with Samuels.

“It’s something we’ve had in for a little while, but I think we’re going to use it a little more this year, and I’m excited about it because we’re both really talented,” Conner said. “So it kind of puts the defense in a mix of who they really want to pay attention to because he’s shown what he can do.”

Samuels exploded onto the scene in a Week 15 win over the Patriots. With Conner out due to injury, Samuels rushed for 142 yards on 19 carries, adding 30 more yards on two catches.

The Steelers also have added rookie Benny Snell to the mix, a battering ram who has extolled the virtues of “Benny Snell football.” G.M. Kevin Colbert has indicated that, despite having three viable options at tailback, any of them could potentially become the new workhorse, depending on performance.

5 responses to “Steelers have practiced using James Conner, Jaylen Samuels in backfield together

  1. Replace Bell? Mike you know well enough the Steelers replaced him last year 😂

  2. I know the game has changed but I have sorely missed the days of Franco and Rocky Bleier. I guess with the tight end position not being as deep as they would like and having running backs that are good at catching the ball, it makes perfect sense to put Samuels on the field with Conner.
    I just hope it doesn’t turn into the same situation as the no-huddle offense did for a few years. The Steelers would practice it and talk about but it never seemed to get used in the games until the end of the fourth quarter.

  3. They have enough tight ends MC D Grimble who lost the Denver game for them and the draft choices…the team with Tomlin Colbert and Butler is on borrowed time with me.

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