Patrick Mahomes impressed with “very fast” Mecole Hardman

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The Chiefs used their first pick in the draft on wide receiver Mecole Hardman in large part because of his speed. After just a short time together on the practice field, Patrick Mahomes has already noticed.

Mahomes said Hardman is showing exactly the kind of speed the Chiefs are going to need at receiver this year, especially in the wake of off-field misconduct likely leaving Tyreek Hill off the field.

He’s a great player,” Mahomes said of Hardman. “Obviously, he’s very fast, but he’s working on everything, route-running, getting accustomed to the offense, I was very excited. When you add guys and add depth, it really is a special thing to know that the staff and everybody keeps adding and are never satisfied with where we are at, we are going to keep getting better every single year.”

Chiefs coach Andy Reid added, “Mecole’s getting better every day, that’s been kind of fun to watch.”

The Chiefs need Hardman to contribute quickly as a rookie, and they think he will.

14 responses to “Patrick Mahomes impressed with “very fast” Mecole Hardman

  1. Even if he isn’t that great right out of the gate, he has speed that defenses will have to respect. He’ll stretch the field and leave the underneath routes for Kelce, Watkins and Williams. Excited to see what this kid’s got.

  2. I’m Boston born and a fan of true Athletes. This Kid has a gift, but I fear he may end up like so many of the running and scrambling QB’s. Every time we see a potential great QB that runs, they always seem to get crushed. I hope not for his sake! God Bless and stay healthy young man!

  3. Mahomes is not a running QB. He had the best passer rating from the pocket in the NFL last year.

    The fact that he can get outside and make plays as well only makes him more valuable, not less.

  4. dicksienormous says:
    May 25, 2019 at 11:34 am
    “he’s a great player”, if you say so Kermit.


    And the award for most childish comment goes to!…

  5. Defenses won’t respect his speed until he starts making plays. Until then, teams will blanket Kelce and Watkins. Also, speed doesn’t mean much if he can’t beat press coverage. Typically, small WRs struggle at the line of scrimmage and be fits that mold.

  6. He came to UGA as a defensive back and played in a pro style offense that doesn’t throw it 50 times a game so I wouldn’t hate on him for his stats.

  7. He was a key component last season for UGA even though his stats weren’t prolific because Fromm’s a short-game QB. And yes, he scared the crap out of SEC defenses by he’s a real YAC guy.

    So anyone who think she he can’t strap on pads and get knocked around doesn’t understand the SEC. he can catch and he can run. And he has fresh wheels. He’ll do a good job of helping to tear up my Raiders.

  8. Ya, Hardman isn’t close to Hill speed. As a track athlete, Tyreek ran some stupid 100m times. 10:20 was his best without wind, I think. Hardman’s best was 10:64. A couple other smaller receivers in the draft, Andy Isabella and Scotty Miller both ran in the low 10:5 range. So they were both faster and far more productive on the field than MeCole. Marquise Brown never got below 11 seconds for the 100 as a track runner, but he didn’t do it much. I think that Isabella and Miller have the best pure speed of anyone in this year’s draft.

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