Gerald McCoy: “I want to win”

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Free agent defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, who took his first visit to Cleveland, said he has one priority in his search for a new team after nine years in Tampa Bay.

I want to win,” McCoy said, via Josina Anderson of ESPN. “I’m not worried about where I’m living. Wherever I got to go to win. . . . Everybody’s open.”

So far, we know he’s expected to visit Baltimore after the holiday weekend. The two AFC North teams each have their own positives, but it’s not as if he’s checking out teams that are favorites to win the Super Bowl or anything.

Other teams that have been linked to him from various reports are the Panthers, Bengals, and Colts.

After being stuck with the Bucs, where they’ve missed the playoffs for 11 straight years, anything might be an improvement, though.

There were reportedly 10 teams in pursuit of his services, with offers coming in up to $11 million. It’s unclear how many of those offers came from perennial free agency favorite #MysteryTeam, but they’re always in the hunt for the Lombardi Trophy.

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  1. “Stuck with the Bucs” – he’s a part of why we’ve lost and never seemed to be to upset when losing. I truly believe he was a part of our losing culture here that just accepted losses and was ok with it.

  2. Good luck, Gerald! You’re a great human being!

    I also look forward to a nasty defensive line in Tampa once again. I don’t believe it was correct for GMC to apologize to Big Ben on MNF for *almost* sacking him. I believe your positive attitude is not conducive to playing with a competitive edge and for that I am thankful to have Suh on the team.

    Over the years, it just didn’t seem like McCoy could lead the defense. He was the most talented player, but for years they underachieved as a unit. And, GMC is the one constant on defense for the last four coaching regimes. At what point is it the players?

  3. The Bucs haven’t made the playoffs for 11 straight years? I think the Browns playoff run wasn’t that long ago right? No they just haven’t been to the playoffs since coming becoming the new Cleveland Browns. Not just that but they won the contest of the worst team since 2000 beating the Detroit Lions by a wide margin.

    Sure money will entice McCoy there. He’s not a fool. He’ll choose reality over media hype.

  4. Can’t compare McCoy and Suh, they play different positions. McCoy and Aaron Donald play the exact same position, 3 technique penetrating between the guard and tackle. So compare McCoy’s stats to Donald’s, not McCoy’s to Suh’s. Gerald McCoy is overrated and won’t sniff Suh’s money unless it’s incentive laden.

  5. As a Bengals’ fan I at first wanted them to sign McCoy but I’m starting to be turned off by his attitude. He may still be a good player but he’s acting like a super star and that’s no longer the case. He’s 31, past his prime and was never able to help lead his team into the playoffs. Maybe he should try and turn a team into a winner instead of wanting a team to turn him into a winner. Red Flags.

  6. Thanks for the memories and being a great icon for the kids within the community.

    Negative side. Happy you’re gone too so devin white can be the unanimous leader within the locker room (defense). We will find out and see that his a much better leader and what the franchise needs. Wish mccoy luck

  7. Sure, sure. Plenty of players say they want to win, but at the end of the day choose a bad or mediocre team that offered more. If they meant what they said, they’d sign for peanuts up in New England and guarantee themselves a Super Bowl appearance practically every other year. Not that I blame them for choosing money. Money is great. I just think this winning talk is laughably disingenuous.

  8. To WIN….you have to play 4 quarters, 60 minutes, don’t take plays off, miss games with a boo boo, not bitch about the fans and the media….leaves you out McCoy!! Go for the money instead!

  9. If he wanted to go to a winning team he had a first major misstep in visiting the perennial losers – the new Browns. Thankfully he was smart enough not to sign and get sucked in. The only good player they were able to bring in other than drafts or trades was Landry. Other than that they’ve had like 60 first round picks in the last 15 yrs or something like that with at least 7-8 # 1 picks in the NFL draft. They are seemingly loaded with first round talent but they’re still the Cleveland Browns. So there’s that for McCoy to process…

  10. Predicting the Browns success this year has nothing to do with their record and drafting capabiliites since expansion…All that matter is what’s happened since getting a real general manager who knows how to evaluate and aquire talent and a more then capable quarterback

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