Mike Munchak hopes to “develop something” with Garett Bolles

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After trading for Joe Flacco and drafting Drew Lock in the second round, it’s no surprise that quarterback has been the focal point of offseason discussion about the Broncos offense.

It’s not the only place where they’ll need to improve in order to be a better unit, though. The team also needs better offensive line play and they hope they landed the right man to build the group by hiring Pro Football Hall of Famer Mike Munchak away from the Steelers.

Munchak will be working with all of the linemen, but left tackle Garett Bolles figures to be a particular concern. The 2017 first-round pick needs to cut down on penalties — he was flagged 27 times, including 19 holding calls, in his first two seasons  — but Munchak believes Bolles has the right tools that need consistent development after working with two other offensive line coaches in his first two seasons.

“People don’t realize how hard that is on the development of a player,” Munchak said, via Mike Klis of KUSA. “So hopefully I can stay with him for a while and we can develop something. But he has obviously great skills. He’s a great athlete, can do a lot of things for ya. He’ll fit really well in this offense. So I’m enjoying our relationship. Getting to know each other. Getting to know what he does well, how I can help him going forward. Because there’s really nothing he can’t do.”

Any quarterback is going to have a better chance to succeed if they can stay upright and ahead of the chains. A leap from Bolles this season would help on both fronts.