Jon Gruden: We loved Kyler Murray, but didn’t think about going to No. 1

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Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has said recently that he never felt the Raiders were going to take a quarterback early in this year’s draft, but the team did spend time with Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins ahead of April’s draft.

Those meetings and comments from General Manager Mike Mayock about always looking to see if you can upgrade a position spurred speculation that the Raiders might be in the market for a player to groom as a successor to Carr at an undetermined point in the future. The Raiders didn’t use any of their three first-round picks to pick or position themselves to pick a quarterback, however.

In an interview with Peter King for Football Morning in America, Gruden was asked about those meetings and the team’s interest in this year’s crop of rookie quarterbacks.

“We all loved Murray. That doesn’t mean we were gonna take him,” Gruden said. “How do you not love his performance, his playing style, what he accomplished? I had a blast with him [when the Raiders worked him out pre-draft in Dallas]. We didn’t think about going up to number one. We did look at [Nick] Bosa, [Quinnen] Williams, but not going to one. We did our homework on the quarterbacks. You gotta know who’s coming into the league at that position. There was a lot of speculation that we were gonna take a quarterback. I kept watching a guy on NFL Network saying we’re going up to get Murray. Then he says we’re going up to get Haskins. Then he says we’re going up to get [Drew] Lock. We’re trading Carr. I don’t understand it.”

Gruden has been putting his own stamp on the Raiders since returning to the organization last year and that process has included dispatching prominent members of the team. Speculation that he might do the same at quarterback isn’t much of a curveball, although it may begin to seem like one if Carr shows he still has his fastball.

15 responses to “Jon Gruden: We loved Kyler Murray, but didn’t think about going to No. 1

  1. There’s an even chance that Kyler Murray will be another 1st round QB bust. And even if Murray does have what it takes to be a legitimately good NFL QB, Gruden was not the HC to do it under because Gruden has never successfully developed a young QB. Ever. Ask Chris Simms.

  2. Translation: “Derek Carr is our QB until I become enamored with some easily acquired warm body”.

  3. The short of it is so much money ($27M of it guaranteed for 2019) is still tied up Carr’s 5yr mega contract that he’d be hard/expensive to shop – and Kyler isn’t a better prospect anyway.

  4. Birdgang4Life says:
    May 27, 2019 at 3:10 pm
    Wait until Murray dominates the Raiders and Gruden has Carr throwing INT’s.


    Well considering they don’t play a regular season game against the Cardinals until the 2022 season I guess we’re all going to have a long wait.

  5. Funny, everyone had Jon pegged as a bald-faced lying smoke-blower who was just salivating to make that move and dump Carr even after telling the whole world he wasn’t going to do it, that Carr is the Raiders QB.

    I guess all those folks who hate Jon don’t know nearly as much about him as they thought they did.

    Because the FACT of the matter is that with the draft capital we had, Gruden could EASILY have had ANY one of the QBs he wanted. Easily. And he would have been in an IDEAL situation, holding onto Carr for another season and letting the rook learn, then dealing or dumping Carr in 2020 when it would only count $5M in dead money.

    Those are the facts, people.

    And given those FACTS, logical extrapolation (the kind that’s untainted by blind hatred) tells us Jon believes 100% that Carr has all the tools to take us to the promised land.

  6. Birdgang4Life says:
    May 27, 2019 at 3:10 pm
    Wait until Murray dominates the Raiders and Gruden has Carr throwing INT’s.

    Absolutely!! JUST LIKE last season, when Gruden had Carr throwing half as many INTs as TDs!! Man, that was crazy!

    Oh, wait a minute…


    If you’re going to slam someone or an organization, can’t you at least say something LEGITIMATE??

  7. radrntn says:
    May 28, 2019 at 9:34 am
    what Gruden was really hoping is that 2 qbs went in the top 4


    Of course since the Raiders had the 4th pick he would have to take one in order for your little scenario to come true,

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