Ndamukong Suh “very excited” to play for Bowles, Arians

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Buccaneers defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh signed in Tampa Bay without visiting, as he’s been in France celebrating his recent engagement. Still in France, Suh has now spoken about his new team.

In attendance at the French Open, Suh talked to Tennis Channel, and he said he thinks he can be part of a change in the culture in Tampa.

“I’m very excited,” Suh said. “I actually had the opportunity to talk very deeply with coach Todd Bowles, as well as Bruce Arians, two elite coaches that I’ve had great interactions with in years past. I like being part of things you can build, and be able to put them over the top. Hopefully my talent, as well as all the other guys — former Nebraskans, Lavonte David — we can play together and change the game there, and get us to a winning situation.”

Suh was in a winning situation last season, playing in the Super Bowl with the Rams. The Buccaneers have an uphill climb to get back to the postseason, but they’re hoping Suh is a part of getting them there.

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  1. Yes, Todd Bowles and Bruce Arians are elite coaches….Wait, what? Arians said this to PFT a couple years ago: “When asked what he thought was the biggest reason that the 2016 Cardinals (7-8-1) regressed so much from their 13-3 season in 2015, Arians said: “I think the biggest reason was losing the opener on Sunday Night Football to the Patriots on that missed field goal. That took a lot of swagger out of our football team, then we came back and lost to the Rams in another close game. We didn’t win the close games we had won in the past but it all goes back to that first one.”

    So yeah….elite coach? His team lost by 2 points to Jimmy Garropollo and he couldn’t find a way to get his team past it. And that discounts all the under-the-bus-throwing he’ll do with his players during the year. Good luck, Bucs!

  2. As a Bucs fan I’m cautiously optimistic about what Suh can bring, even though McCoy is better at rushing the passer Suh is a significantly better run stuffer and his athleticism allows him to be moved all over the line. Hopefully he can help free up Vita and they can generate solid pressure up the middle.

  3. Suh should just cash those checks, one last payday, then retire.
    He will have earned almost 150MM by the end of the year.
    No need to risk injury or play hard now that he’s on a retirement team.

  4. Suh was in a winning situation last season, playing in the Super Bowl with the Rams.
    I must’ve missed where Rams won the Super Bowl. Anyway, why wasn’t Suh banned for life for stamping on Aaron? That’d be a bigger safety improvement than banning Brady’s helmet.

  5. Arians/Bowles have resurrected worse teams under much worse circumstances, but now have a competent GM and supportive owner within an organization who has tasted success. Players love playing for these coaches and obviously Suh, knows the kind motivation and excitement they will inspire in the guys doing the work. Florida is going to bring some fun to watch football this season as these teams are all young and hungry.

  6. I’d be very excited to play for any NFL team for 7 figures too. Got himself a decent golden parachute before he “retires” after this season.

  7. haters gonna hate. Bowles’ defense will thrive with Suh at the anchor. DRotY Devin White and David will have a monster year, baring injuries.

  8. can you blame the man? Hes milking a handful of good seasons in Detroit for everything they are worth. Hes done just enough to make teams think the potential is still there. IMO we wont see that Suh again.

  9. Rumor has it the Rams had a really hard time getting Suh to even practice the last half of the season. The only thing he likes about football is getting paid.

  10. “Rumor has it the Rams had a really hard time getting Suh to even practice the last half of the season.”

    As a Ram fan, I never heard that.

    Many people accuse Suh of dogging it. 32 years old with plenty of tread on his tires. He’s just not an elite player anymore.

  11. I wonder if he really meant to say I’m excited to get another 9 million dollars and I will play as hard as I think I need to.

  12. Ah yes, the elite coaches Todd Bowles and Bruce Arians… with a combined 3 winning seasons out of 9. He forgot to mention their elite franchise QB who wasn’t better than Ryan Fitzpatrick. Suh’s in for a great paycheck.. I mean, season. Great season.

  13. You Cant count Bowles record as a Head Coach in that statement, because he isn’t a head coach. if you’re going to do that, you got to go count the winning seasons Bowles had as an Assistant in order to make your statement mean anything.

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