Bears expecting big second year from Roquan Smith

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As a rookie last year, Bears linebacker Roquan Smith was a significant contributor. The Bears are hoping for even more in Year 2.

With the Bears making some changes on their defensive coaching staff this offseason, Smith is making a favorable early impression with his new coaches.

“I think there are guys that have a feel, a natural feel. Roquan’s definitely one of those guys,” new Bears inside linebackers coach Mark DeLeone said, via “He plays very fast. I think he’s unbelievable at seeing it pre-snap, understanding formations, understanding splits, mastering his technique and then playing fast after the ball is snapped.”

New Bears defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano said Smith is standing out as a smart player.

“The guy doesn’t make mistakes,” Pagano said.

It would be hard for the Bears not to regress to some extent on defense after their outstanding 2018 season. But a big second year for Smith would go a long way toward keeping the Chicago defense near the top of the league.

9 responses to “Bears expecting big second year from Roquan Smith

  1. He’s gonna be great! For a rookie who missed so much due to his contract dispute, he was really playing well by the end of the year.

  2. 100 days to the opener.

    I can’t wait!

    See you soon flatlanders!


  3. freefromwhatyouare says:
    May 28, 2019 at 8:10 pm
    100 days to the opener.

    I can’t wait!

    See you soon flatlanders


    Do you have a fake bears screen name also?

  4. How come every article here, along with every non-Bears fan who comments, surmises that this team will regress? Everyone says that we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg from Mahomes, that Baker Mayfield is going to have a banner year, that the Watson led Texans, the resurgent Cowboys and ever-talented Patriots will all perform at Super Bowl champion levels, yet when it comes to the Bears, everyone is so doubtful. Most of their star players are under 30 and ascending. Khalil Mack, Akiem Hicks, Kyle Fuller and Danny Trevathan are in their primes… and before anyone says Trubisky is the problem, please remember he started half of his rookie season for the ultra conservative John Fox AFTER taking second and third team reps in camp, played with new receivers in a new offense last year, and had spotty run support. The offense should improve this year and players with upward pointing arrows like Smith, Floyd, Eddie Jackson, Eddie Goldman, Bilal Nichols and Roy Robertson-Harris should not only prevent a regression, they could lead an improved unit!

  5. This guy is a stud, and it is a testament to how good he is, because Ryan Pace could not screw this pick up or trade a ton to move up a spot or two. I look forward to Pagano screwing up the Bears “D” and turning the best part of their team to average.

  6. Why will the Bears regress, easy answer they are the Bears. This franchise has some of the worst leadership in the league. Last year they played a 4th place schedule, this year it will be a first place schedule, that will mean at least two fewer wins. Minnesota and Detroit will both improve, that will be at least two more losses. They don’t have the Bills, dolphins, and Jets on their schedule, (please remember this team lost to the dolphins) instead they have the Charger, Chiefs, Raiders and Bronco’s. That is at least 3 losses. Do you think Fangio is going to lose to these guys, no chance. There there is the gimmick offense in the second year. That never goes well. I was a Bear fan for many years, I have see what horrible leadership does and a commitment to protecting the family fortune looks like. This. They are mediocre at best.

  7. @Mike Shereck

    None of what you wrote makes sense. The Bears have some of the worst leadership in the league while touting both the reigning executive of the year and coach of the year? Their defensive leader was hired as a head coach with various other staffers taking high positions around the league. Another key staffer is being considered for the Jets’ GM job. Sounds like they are doing something right in the leadership group. As for the last place schedule. The difference was only two games, and had the Bears played those two games and lost, they still would’ve won the division. They beat the league leading Rams, so rationale would dictate they would’ve had a fighting chance in those games…

    The AFC West apparently is the league’s powerhouse division in your estimation. The raiders are in a rebuild, and to some degree so are the Broncos. They have a rookie head coach with a shaky QB situation. The Chiefs might be down one of their most prolific playmakers (again), and I personally expect the Chargers to be last year’s Jaguars.

    But none of that spells regression. It might mean a more competitive schedule (MIGHT), but this team is likely to take a few steps forward. I agree that the McCaskeys aren’t the best owners, but they have done a pretty good job as of late in reversing this team’s fortunes. Thank you for your passion. Bear Down!

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