Chris Harris vows to become highest-paid cornerback

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With an adjusted contract finally in hand, Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. looks forward to getting to work soon. And to becoming in time to becoming the highest-paid player at his position.

“I’m ready to roll,” Harris told Mike Klis of “I’m ready to get back with the team and start working on the camaraderie with my teammates.”

Harris seems to be satisfied with a deal that bumped his 2019 payout from $8.8 million to $12.05 million, and he’s also determined to cash in when March rolls around.

“I’m the fourth cornerback this year [in 2019 cash] and after this season I’ll hit free agency and be No. 1,” Harris said.

Washington cornerback Josh Norman has been the highest-paid cornerback (in terms of contract value at signing) for four years. It’s surprising that no one has passed his $15 million annual average. Harris, whose next contract will be a brand-new deal and not an extension, has a chance to do it — especially since the salary cap will have gone up by well over $40 million since Norman did his deal.

For now, Harris bypasses Kareem Jackson ($11 million per year, $12 million cash payout in 2019), who signed a three-year contract with the Broncos during 2019 free agency.

“I just wanted to be the highest-paid cornerback on the team,” Harris told Klis. “It had nothing to do with Kareem. I just thought I deserved to be the No. 1 corner on the team. Nothing against Kareem.”

Nothing against Kareem, other than the fact that Kareem is the guy Harris had to leapfrog. For his next trick, Harris will try to hurdle Norman.

18 responses to “Chris Harris vows to become highest-paid cornerback

  1. this is the exact kind of selfishness that works against teams, not always, but most of the time- clearly all about himself, and not really concerned with how his team does- broncs will let him walk which is the smart move

  2. He’ll be 30 this year, no way he’s going to be the highest paid cornerback when he’s turning 31 next offseason.

  3. Not the best CB. No, no, just the highest paid CB. He may be a decent guy but comments like that are a huge red flag.

  4. Greedy goal – to be the highest paid CB (QB, TE, WR, DE…).

    Better goal – to be the best CB (or whatever position) – and then the money will take care of itself.

  5. A lot of teams look at Washington’s signing of Norman as a total overpay which has not born fruit for the team.

    Frankly while he is a better DB than Norman, even with the extra cap space, teams now realize that there is a much better level of talent at this position and can get guys immediately to reload(Seattle has shown the way). Denver reworked his first contract to tie him up because early on as it was obvious he was a super talent. More than likely they will move on after next year.

    While he may deserve it, He will be lucky to break the $15m barrier based on his age and his emerging ego.

  6. Dude is a monster, and very under rated because he doesn’t go on rants declaring himself the best. May deserve to be the highest paid in the league if he can stay healthy this year.

  7. i love it…People wonder about the Patriot’s simple…WIN…Tom is like the 7th highest paid QB in the NFL…really? Yeah really because Brady wants Rings not dollars

  8. He is not the best CB in the NFL, not even close. Not that it always follows but I am not sure why he feels he should be paid the most other than ego.

  9. What a crybaby. Someone else got paid more than him and he threw a hissy fit and threatened to take his ball and run home.

    Can’t wait to see the whine-fest after a better CB passes by his next contract

    Broncos will be better off next year without this loser.

  10. Why is it that the players are greedy for wanting more money? They work for multi billion dollar corporations. They are getting paid a fair price for the revenue they bring in for their employers. How about you go work for a multi billion dollar business and keep your same pay. Bet you instantly start to raise an issue. If you dont like what they make then dont watch. So what players make millions. They worked all their lives to become the best of the best. They put their bodies through stuff you couldn’t even imagine. Everyone says pay me league minimum and i will take their spot. Well you let me know how that works when you face a 300 pound player who can run twice as fast as you and would crush you with their pinky. Maybe you should have played a sport growing up or worked harder at something. Dont criticize people for their achievements. Remember that when you watch games or buy merchandise you help pay their salaries. When the average career is only 3 yrs making the most money as possible is a big deal.

  11. whostolemyxanax says:
    May 28, 2019 at 9:18 pm
    He’ll be 30 this year, no way he’s going to be the highest paid cornerback when he’s turning 31 next offseason.

    That is unless the Redskins sign him..

  12. Who cares about being the best player at your position, or winning a ring or two when you can be the highest paid and make an extra 3 million per year?!

    I hope nobody signs him to his huge contract demands and he has to sit out a year or play for a lot less than he wants. Fans of teams want wins and Super Bowls, not highest paid players.

    I’m looking at you Aaron/Russell.

  13. Elway goofed.
    There was no reason to pay him extra.
    He was under contract and unlike Antonio Brown it was his last year under contract so if he didn’t try hard no team would give him a fat new contract.

    You don’t pay for past performance.

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