Mark Ingram: Going to take time to build chemistry with Ravens O-line

Getty Images

Running back Mark Ingram spent the first eight years of his career with the Saints playing for the same head coach with the same quarterback in a system that wasn’t making major changes from year to year.

That consistency means that it’s been a while since Ingram has had to spend an offseason making sure he’s on the same page with all of his teammates. That’s the case for Ingram now that he’s in Baltimore and there’s particular importance to developing chemistry with the team’s offensive linemen as Ingram figures out the best path to success on the ground.

Ingram said last week that it’s “kind of rough” doing that kind of work when there’s no contact allowed on the practice field, but expressed confidence that it will come together.

“It’s just going to take time,” Ingram said, via “It’s been a great week, and the offensive line has made some big creases for us to run through at times. Other times it’s a little difficult, because nobody is trying to push each other off the ball and dump each other. We’re all trying to take care of each other and make sure each other is healthy. So, I think the run game has been efficient, and I’m looking forward to it.”

With the Ravens installing a new offense, Ingram’s chemistry with the offensive line is unlikely to be the only thing that takes some time to take shape. How quickly they all come together will go a long way toward determining if the Ravens make it back to the postseason.