Richie Incognito the latest reason to put Raiders on “Hard Knocks”

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The NFL still hasn’t found a Hard Knocks team for this summer. But how could it not be the Raiders?

Among the five teams that can be forced to appear — the others are Washington, the 49ers, the Lions and the Giants –the Raiders are easily the most compelling. Jon Gruden is a natural on TV, and the additions this offseason include several people with key roles to play who would make things interesting, including General Manager Mike Mayock, wide receiver Antonio Brown, linebacker Vontaze Burfict, three first-round draft picks and now guard Richie Incognito.

The controversial Incognito has had a raft of off-field issues, but no one has ever accused him of being boring. Hard Knocks has, at times, been accused of being boring, but if the Raiders are on the show, it won’t be.

Raiders owner Mark Davis has said this year is not the right time for the Raiders to be on the show, but the NFL’s rules are clear that teams can’t refuse if they haven’t done the show within the last 10 years, haven’t hired a new head coach this offseason, and haven’t made the playoffs in the last two years. The Raiders can be forced to appear on Hard Knocks, and viewers will enjoy it if they are.

15 responses to “Richie Incognito the latest reason to put Raiders on “Hard Knocks”

  1. No to the 49ers and Lions as they should be decent and lack the drama. Giants and Redskins will be total disasters on the field and it would be fun to watch Gettleman squirm if Jones looks like a bust. Yeah, it has to be Oakland… I mean who doesn’t want to see Incognito stuff Mr. Big Mouth into a locker?

  2. So that’s what the NFL (and our country) has become…an entertainment outlet that has no morals?
    Incognito is a troubled person and should never wear an NFL jersey again in his lifetime. He demeans women and has a violent behavior that is beyond the legal limit. I can say the same about the POTUS, but that’s for another thread.
    No to Raiders on Hard knocks, yes to Jets! We all want to see Gase go bug-eyes when Bell does something incorrect.

  3. “and haven’t made the playoffs in the last two years”

    They need to serious remove this condition. Quit punishing bad teams with Hard Knocks!

  4. Let’s also remember that Incognito is a road-grading pro bowler when he’s on his meds.

    I’d bet my best guitar that the contract is full of all kinds of clauses …

  5. The only reason I can see the NFL not choosing the Raiders for Hard Knocks is if they want to wait one more year and feature them before their inaugural season in Vegas. But then you run the risk of them not being eligible (if they manage to get into the playoffs, for example).

  6. Interesting pick up for the Raiders considering all the talk by Mike Mayock around the draft about building the team with a philosophy of “Foundational Players”. I took that term in the context of players also possessing strong character. Richie Incognito has had a history of issues in that particular department. But, it would seem for the past few years he has stayed out of trouble so maybe he’s learned his lessons. Aside from that, he can play.

  7. Jon Gruden is bigger than a rock star. He practically owns the media. He would have fun with Hard Knocks. Lots of coaches are insecure about their jobs and their on-air presence. Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock would completely control the whole ordeal. I don’t know anybody that ever watched Hard Knocks, but everyone would watch if Gruden were running the show. The Raiders are trending toward a super bowl birth in 2020. This year will be the last time the Raiders qualify for the show, and believe me, Gruden will put on a show. He’s a rock star. He lives for this stuff.

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