Todd Gurley has worked out at team facility but sitting out drills

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Rams coach Sean McVay shed a little more light on Todd Gurley‘s absence at the team’s organized team activities, but questions remain after the running back became a complementary player in the postseason.

McVay said Gurley has been a regular at the team facility this offseason, though Gurley has not participated in any on-field drills.

Gurley also is working out with private trainer Travelle Gaines.

“We’ve been really pleased with Todd,” McVay said Tuesday, via video from the team. “He’s been doing some things with Travelle Gaines and some of those trainers, but then he’s also been here consistently, pretty much every single day of the weeks [of the offseason program]. He’s been an active participant, following the program we’ve implemented with him. We’re very pleased with where Todd is at right now.”

Gurley missed the final two regular-season games with “inflammation” in his knee before gaining 118 yards from scrimmage against the Cowboys in the divisional round. He then had only 16 touches for 47 yards and one touchdown in the NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl combined.

McVay has blamed his play-calling for not getting Gurley more involved.

Even though Gurley didn’t need offseason surgery, a report that he has arthritis has served only to increase speculation about Gurley’s knee.

Rams General Manager Les Snead has conceded that the Rams face a decision whether to continue with the workload Gurley has had in the past or “lessen that load.” Gurley has averaged 326 touches per season the past three seasons.

McVay indicated that part of the team’s plan to keep Gurley healthy is to hold him out of practice during the offseason.

“That was really what we felt like when we sat down at the end of the year and developing a plan that’s best suited for Todd getting ready for the Carolina Panthers [in Week One], but then also taking into consideration being ready to go when training camp rolls around,” McVay said. “I think some of that also had to do with us playing a lot longer than we had in previous years. So really sitting down with [athletic trainer] Reggie [Scott], and sitting down most importantly with Todd and talking through those things, that was a plan we’ve kind of laid out a while back and that’s what’s been followed so far.”

16 responses to “Todd Gurley has worked out at team facility but sitting out drills

  1. I hope Gurley’s knee is not chronic. He is too talented to lose like that

  2. It’s a bummer to say but he’s cooked. Chronic injury is even worse than a season long injury. Downvote if you’re delusional but if you’re that delusional also make Gurley your first fantasy pick please.

  3. McVay is not yet adroit at spinning. Rather awkward actually, makes you squirm.
    Some guys never do become accomplished.

    One HC that was very good at it is Mike Shanahan.

  4. When we the Rams going to get slapped with a fine for falsifying the injury report from last post season? It’s clear as day Todd’s knee was not healthy, yet there wasn’t a peep on the injury report about it. We are now on our way into June and the topic of his knee is STILL of interest. Everyone talking about it, and yet nobody in the NFL is asking the obvious question about the injury report from last season…If this were any other team not playing funny with his injury status, they’d have been fined, especially the Patriots. Frauds, so glad they lost the big game

  5. Blh blh blah…the Patriots…jesus when are fans gonna let that go enjoy all the damn rings the Pats have won..

  6. allinskins says:
    May 28, 2019 at 9:34 pm
    You don’t have to put arthritis on the injury report.
    Ok, I can get behind that as it does fall outside of injury. But even then arthritis does fall into impairment on fully functioning at his position.

  7. If you can’t perform at the sb and you know the desire is there and now they are talking reduced reps and “smart” use of a guy, that guy is probably done no matter how talented he is. Sad, but he was injured coming out of college, so this should not be a surprise.

  8. boy sure taking quite the amount of time to recover from the so called fairly minor injury there huh … if it does indeed turn out to be worse than initially expected do take all the time he is gong to need …. have liked him and is a good one but the dreaded A word especially at his young age may be leading to a sooner than later sadly career change.

  9. At this point, it is fair to wonder whether the knee problem is degenerative. The slow healing process and history is strongly suggestive that this may be the case.

    At this point it makes sense for Gurley to sit out most of camp and the preseason, and work as part of a RB rotation. The Rams inadvertently ran him into the ground last season. It only makes sense to save the body of his work for postseason play.

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