Bruce Arians glad to have Tom Moore around to (complain) to


Bruce Arians isn’t the only quarterback guru the Buccaneers brought in this offseason.

Of course, Tom Moore’s also there to help Arians, and not just quarterback Jameis Winston.

The Bucs brought in the 80-year-old Moore to help this offseason, and though he doesn’t have an official role, the guy who used to coach Peyton Manning in Indianapolis will be important for both the coach and the quarterback.

He was my ‘bitch-to coach,’” Arians said, via Eduardo Encina of the Tampa Bay Times. “I could bitch to him. You don’t bitch to a young coach. He goes home and tells his wife and now everybody’s messed up.

“But Tom, that’s the guy to bounce things off of, and I respect him probably more than anybody in this business.”

Arians also brought Moore along to Arizona for five years, after he worked under Moore in Indianapolis during the early Manning years. Arians is happy to point out that Moore “has probably forgot more football than most of us know,” and the hope is he can pass some of that along to Winston.

His approach has impressed the young quarterback as much as his resume.

“Coach Moore, I seen him up here at 5:30 in the morning getting on the bicycle upstairs,” Winston said. “These guys, they love this game. Anytime you have somebody who just loves this game, you want to get in and just feed from them.

“He has a lot of wisdom to share with us, mainly because he’s been with the greats and he’s seen the greatest. . . . It’s good to have everybody who Coach BA allows to come and be a part of this team just again to get an outside look and perspective from these guys who really love football.”

While Moore’s stay is only planned to extend through training camp, he’s still a valuable resource for the Bucs, who are going to have to be polished on offense after an extensive makeover on defense this offseason.