Joe Douglas to interview with Jets this weekend

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Within moments of Mike Maccagnan being fired, Joe Douglas’ name was linked to the Jets General Manager vacancy.

This weekend, he’ll get his chance to apply for the job.

According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, the Eagles vice president of player personnel will interview with the Jets this weekend.

Douglas is close with Jets coach/acting G.M. Adam Gase, which has made him one of the perceived favorites for the job.

They’ve also scheduled an interview with Seahawks co-director of player personnel Scott Fitterer, and expressed interest in Bears assistant director of player personnel Champ Kelly, Vikings assistant G.M. George Paton and Saints director of pro scouting Terry Fontenot.

16 responses to “Joe Douglas to interview with Jets this weekend

  1. Yes here we go let’s go boys do not let this guy leave the building. Open your checkbook Chris. If and when they land this hire their will be no more jets crap

  2. If you really wanna know the true secret to Ozzie Newsomes success, it was this man joe douglas. Just look at how bad the quality of picks Ozzie made after Joe left after the superbowl win. Also in Philly howie roseman gets all the credit, but Joe built the super bowl winning team.

  3. Joe was a stud in Baltimore, a stud in philly, and he will be extremely good for the jets. Eagles won’t be able to keep him from this promotion, and he isn’t gonna replace Howie as GM in philly…so similar to Foles I think he is gonna have to spread his wings and fly, and all on both sides will wish him well. It’s gonna be a shame to lose him… just not sure offering him a raise in pay will keep him at the NovaCare complex over the chance to be a GM anywhere…even with NYJ!

  4. As an Eagles fan, please don’t go. Any Jets fan that says they don’t want this guy has no clue what they’re talking about. He’s a stud.

  5. Not sure I would take the job. Ownership is dysfunctional and you only get one GM job usually.

  6. Make no mistake about it: 1. Joe Douglas is the top dog in the Jets GM search, and 2. The final decision of whether or not he will be hired to take the job will come down to money.

  7. The Eagles would be foolish to let Douglas walk, and Douglas would be foolish to go to a Jets organization that has been a revolving door of coaches and management, while mired in mediocrity for most of it’s existence. (All due respect to Jets fans) If he goes to the Jets, he’s tied to both the current coach and QB….and unless he’s completely 100% sold on both, I wouldn’t risk it. Typically guys aren’t given multiple shots at a GM position, and he’s good enough that if he’s patient he could pick his spot.

    The Birds should give him a big fat raise and he should be patient and wait for a more stable organization.

  8. Adam Gase is an idiot and Joe Douglas is very smart, so I doubt they are that close haha.

  9. Joe will have other opportunities. Don’t blow what might be your one chance by going to the Jets.

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